Disconnecting/Lagging out of Arena games since last patch

Since the last patch I’ve had several arena games where the timer will count down to zero during my opponent’s turn and the turn never ends. I’ve tried waiting but nothing changes. When I refresh the page I go back to main screen and it ends up being a loss.

I also had a few games yesterday that froze during arena, all versus the same player. Haven’t had it happen since so I’m not sure if that bug has been fixed or not, but figured I’d mention it as well.

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Some players use this to avoid lose. It happens more often lastly. It’s not connection problem. all other pvp works but some people use something to freeze the game. We have no lose though, but it"s like the pvp never happens. Most recorded one is “the human” he just changed his name to “###ility” (2024), most of player i know have encounter this trouble. And look at his rank… he can"t beat a rank 2 with this setup, but he is in top player. Some other use it like expdestroyer (2887) and proworkout for the one i encounter. That not a big problem of course but when they see they are losing they just do this like no pvp happen. Like i make a bet and see that i won’t win and stop the bet before it happens. Please take a look at that! They are using something to crash the game to avoid lose and so up in ladder. Ho and to be fair i’m Nyx(3382).

Yeah I don’t know if it’s something other people are doing, but it happens to me all the time right now.

We just uploaded a fix for this.
It shouldn’t happen anymore.
Please let us know if you encounter anything else!