Disappointed again by developers

Once again, I previously wrote something on here, and the discussion was made private by the Community Manager Sarah. In the discussion I was told that the developers and moderators are always addressing players concerns, and issues. My post thought otherwise, mostly pertaining to this update. Now here we stand with the servers down seemingly for what looks like for most people, and though it may not be a big deal to some, however for myself on this topic, it is. It shows yet again that the Developers who clearly see server problems do not take the time to address it themselves, and or the mods to the community. This I believe is poor management and lack of care.

For the moderators/admins, whoever this may concern. Please do not tell me you are active always with the community, as this shows you don’t have the decency to let the players know on the forums for something that is so simple as the server being down. Whatever the reason may be for it being down, let us know you are aware of it so we are not sitting here in the dark. For myself I have not been able to log in for over 24 hours.

Emperor Pan

Did you clear your cache and cookies?

I logged on just now… :\

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Hi @Alexander !

Supermechs servers were down around 4 - 5 hours, was in the middle of the night (Israel time).


I can finally log in. My main issue here is not of the servers being down, I hope that was well cleared. Rather not addressing the issue, not only this making my post Private so other community members of the game cannot read my thoughts, ideas, and pinch in their two cents. I humbly request the dev team stop making post Private unless the OP request it to be private. If something was in need privacy, I would assume for at least myself, I would private message a Administrator.

He he he … i see you are new here… threads are made private/hidden from forum, so that they can be handeled properly by the BD mods.
Also if they contain bad thoughts against TS, or xploits, or are just a hint against the game.
There is a golden rule here… negativity spreds negativity… only constructive critiscism is allowed, and no salty remarks.
This post you just read is a joke… take it with a grain of salt

I am not new, and I assure you I have read many post. Thank you for your help though :wink: I understand how they seem to work, however I wont be told to be silent. My original post was pertaining to 2 suggestions, and actually rather supporting the newest update in most ways, so in no way was it negativity. I understand you.

You all can read the ToS for both SM and BD as well as the forum rules.


That’s correct El Metre :p[quote=“EmperorPan, post:6, topic:5571”]
however I wont be told to be silent.

No one is silenced without reason, but I’m not a mod so I can’t speak on their behalf. If you follow the rules and aren’t disruptive nothing will happen ofc :stuck_out_tongue: . These forums are very lenient to what you can say tbh, compared to almost any other forum on the internet where you can be permabanned for a lot less.

There were a lot of server issues that have finally been resolved today, (battledawn has been down for literally DAYS, partially because of supermechs ;))

Yep well if you would like I can private message you my post, it was my first post on here I believe as well. Thanks for your help.

Remember I’m not a mod :smiley:, despite my lil MT badge

These are the only mods here

I know, I am just letting you know if you were curious :slight_smile:

what was the change afterall

As a heads up it’s not the job of the forum moderators to update game status’s for the players. Just to keep the forums clean and safe. The moderators would never make an official statement on behalf of tacticsoft (without permission) as they are not employed by them.

And as a general rule of thumb for the forums. We do not deal with complaints, accusations or ban appeals here on the forums. Those are to be done directly with the SM team if on the SM side via their official email. And directly with admins when on the BD side. So that may have been why it was made private.


Pls. come back Alexander!!