Disappearing boxes

When inventory is full, boxes are not going to the unopened boxes tab. They just disappear. This happened to me 4x today. It has happened both in PVP and in the new portal.


I have already sent a pm to @Sarah247 because this also happened to me


Old news. I wrote in support last year, the application for correction from the support went to the developers at least three months ago and lay there probably, if not thrown out.

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Interesting. I regularly farm and stack up boxes before opening them. It wasn’t until after this update that this ever happened.

It just happened again on the portal :frowning:

Literally just happened to me again at portal while I was typing.

Seems to be fixed now. Thanks!

not the fact. Time will tell.

Well, I’ve made around 20 runs through the portal, with full inventory, and all boxes are now showing up as they should.

okay i will try it and see thanks

Check this out fellas:


Again not appeared box from the portal.