Disapointment levels- 10000000

Finally, when I opened the premium pack today using the tokens from the last raid, I was extremely happy to see 2 legendaries, but my hope was quickly crushed to see the last thing I wanted: Savagery’s

Why God

On the bright side, atleast you actually got legendaries. Look at me.

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2 myth food from one pack? That’s good. :slight_smile:


Speaking of myths, what should I myth first? I’ve already got 2 useless legends that I will use for myth food. The real question is, what should I myth?

A friend of mine got an Armor Dissolver, Mighty Cannon, and Savagery.

I’ll just say that he was quite happy afterwards.

and look at me…:unamused:

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2 packs, 10 epics ur lucky

6 park and 4 premium = 3 lousy legendre

[off topic] What happened to the clan?

accident or game that messing