Disable the button to put the drone back pls

I have done this a couple times and I have seen some opponents do it to…

You click extras, hit the drone button go to click the weaponry button and oops you hit the button to put the drone away again thus completely wasting a turn.

The drone button and the weapon button are in the same place…

And is there any reason why you would want to put your drone away anyway? Face shocker goes away automatically. Most Mechs don’t last more than 4 turns.

Please? Can we disable that button or at least disable it for the turn?


You have 30 seconds to make your turn, just dont rush it and watch where u tap


He’s the only one

when the connection to server lags you often get situation where what you thought you selected is what you actually selected,…hell when the server lags you not even sure what time you got.

it is silly really, drones are not an item you’d want to put back immediately after calling it out…if at all

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me parece una idea genial Q.Q!

disabling the drone is actually needed,especially when you are trying to avoid an energy break

So you are going to take out your drone and put it back immediately in the same turn to avoid an energy break?

Pulling back the drone in the same turn is now your problem,don’t blame me for that

I am not blaming anyone.

I was asking for an improvement in User Interface. I very slight improvement to make the software a teeny tiny bit more user friendly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about you can only press a button every um…3 seconds?