Disable old double teleport or make available

First off, I feel sorry for the legacy players who lost a large time and money investment now that most of the legacy items are useless.

However, the 2 use teleporter either needs to be removed, or it needs to be available to all as a possible found item. This is too powerful of an item to be only available to some players with no hope of a new player getting one.


I would trade my dual teleport to start this game over and not lose four years of work. My myth leftovers are a miniscule consolation prize for what I lost. Sorry my friend but I think this post is fairly one sided in desire.


i am not letting go of my beloved Call Of Lighning… no matter what!


i agree that all the legacy player just had their money stolen, simple as that.
but it IS unfair to have stuff in this game that you cant actually get anymore… its like they’re trying to be as$holes, they managed to screw both sides of their player base


Double Teleport is very heavy. I have it, but benched it to have better cooling.

There is still a trade-off that is not that bad.

I am with @El_Metre - I will never get rid of my Call of Lightning, too. :smiley:


I didn’t realize it was heavy. What is the weight?

25 kg i would not consider heavy for what it does…

and do not forget the double use hooks and charge engines…

honestly, i think i should’ve just keep my old mech as a relic, and start it over…

Double teleports are too OP on electric mechs


it was not in the old times…ts should have thought it over more carefully this change

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until ts decide to remove it…:rofl:

i want mine back
legacy converter fused both of mine

Beat it ! Whine about something else . You could have saved one but chose not to. Anyone who has one paid four years of life and money for one .


i’d gladly give mine away for a couple L-M plates : ^ )

Hell,I agree with the title.
I get shredded every time I go against an electrician with one of these double teleport modules.
Either re-implement 'em or remove 'em all together.
Please remove them tho…

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in exchange of what they will be removed ?

yea I suppose so

In exchange for fairness and equal teleporting means for all players :slight_smile:
Maybe some tokens/some other items?
Better than a power kit like we all received when we turned in our own teleporters some time ago…

if TS has some inkling to make MORE money, they should implement a new type of currency, to buy legacy items…
i am sure some of us would willing to shell out some GREEN OR BLUE TOKENS (available ONLY for real money) to buy a double teleport or a double hook…

or just make new ones…:rofl: