Didn't got a shield from opening boxes


I’ve been playing the game for years and since the token transfer update i haven’t got a single shield


This actually have to be fixed, players with shields, 1kg teleport and other items with two uses got an unfair advantage now. If we aren’t able to get those items anymore people who keep it shouldn’t be able to use it.



so I’m just unlucky


what shield describe it


Shielda are legacy items that only playera before reloaded have . Aka old players have them and you cant get them now


oh is it the same with the charges and the teleports


Charge and teleport are still in the game. Random lucky if you are able to acquire one or not. They have not seemed like rare items to me.


hevent gotten them since the coin change update
duse that mean i am unlucky


oh wate the shield oh i remember them the decresse or add heat


i get a sheild they are only in myth and legendary forms
and charges are epic+


Can you screenshot it please ? ^^


Are you talking a ‘shield’ which goes in specials screen hex shaped spot under drone?
Or do you mean the “Maximum Protector” Which has a shield like shape on it and gives resistances?


about that … what is the best shield ( energy/heat) i have a heat one with 30%absorption and 3Heat For 2 dmg
are there better shields ?


If I’m correct, the best is 50 or 60% absorbsion, but not sure…you’ll have to check on the old wiki ^^


i mean the hexagon shaped thing that is always empty


Could you do a screenshot of it please ?

And post it here too ^^


I don’t have shield but i fought one guy with it.
Here is charge from EPIC like said above.


How did you see that his shield was legendary or myth ?


We had no Legendary or Mythical shields on legacy, and we don’t have any kind of shield on reloaded.