Did you trash talk to top players?

I did alot on legacy

I try not to. Sometimes I will get annoyed and respond if they start something.

In chats, no. In battles, It was fun to troll a bit…

Knowing they can’t react brought out some evil in me :stuck_out_tongue:

not on supermechs i didnt really talk besides asking how peoples days were. but on other games triggering people is fun af. starve,io is the best for toxic russians xD
(in lgacy)


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If i find someone using a build that is only built to kill 1 class with luck i will tend to throw some harsh words their way, also if it is someone who says GG at the start of the match i am happy to throw insults at people like that

I spam emoji everytime i know i am going to win

Ima list some of the players i highly dislike
Super Wow
Oh My God
Herroimme (I spelt it wrong i think)
Brazilian storm

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one player confuses me.
Night Albatross
One thinks im an enemy

Night albatross
a good friend of mine
also a smurf
known for 500+ wins every season
been in a clan with him
when i left that clan for a better one
he gave me the win when i saw him in arena
even if i would have lost

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