Did you throw up during frog dissection

I almost did plus how did you guys cut a frog up in science class and if yes then did you throw up

  • Yes it was nasty
  • No it was awesome
  • I did not do that
  • I am to old I forgot

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Only do the last if you are an old player

I dissected an alien and now it’s loose in my school halls


Hahahha its not a joke like for real just cut a frog up last week

Umm…I haven’t done that in Science yet, not saying we will do it

Oh you might do it in 7th grade

I am a Year 9 a.k.a Grade 8

Um that’s weird you should do it in 9th then

Well…maybe it’s different where I’m from

I dissected a human once… disgusting to find so many chicken nuggets still fresh in his stomach. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


I’ve never did that

Also question that at my-
Fuqing damint.

I never dissected a frog at school,mostly because the romanian teaching system is a little outdated…

Tho,my ex cut my heart open and I didn’t just throw up :smile:

Is this a regular thing that people do nowadays? If so, I want to throw up…

I am dissecting a frog in about a week or so.

Im dissecting a frog in 7th grade boi.
My school is about teaching way earlier then it is supposed to be.
I am learning 9th grade math at 7th grade.
I am also doing irregular square roots along with erm… math.
also dissecting a cow eye.

It Smells

I did not specifically dissect a frog. . . but I guess a squid passes?

Yes, it was fun.

And no, fainting is for the weak and or hungry.

I will NEVER forget that day when I only ate 1/2 a waffle to last me 14 hours. . .

I went 3 days only on root beer only taking 2 naps which was about 30 mins while playing video games

I was never forced to disect a frog as in British schools we have developed the art of the diagram and no longer need to physically cut shit off an animal to see what it looks like inside.