Did you finish the legacy items to fuse?

If you finally reached the right number in your inventory and found expensive the cost of fusion … see what happens now that in addition to fuse you have to buy boxes of “junk” items.

Did you see ?? It can always be worse.

ive got only 24/120 items in my inventory.

Life’s good when you farm 24/7

please end my suffering i had headaches over the last 2 weeks help

Now fuse any item costs double.

Fusion costs + trash boxes (which also don´t have a fixed price, but is increasing).

@Wepwawet its insane, but i am trying… :slight_smile:

I opened 25 premium boxes and only 2 legendary…

before 220 tokens was 1 myth item. Now get 1 legendary for triple.

I think… there is something wrong abou all this…

I just farm end boss for epics and legendaries to use for fusion or keep if good.
I mean if you get 90 energy as an example that is at least 9 epics it costs 20 tokens to refill your fuel, so for 20 tokens you can get 9 epics and gold, and 9 epics and gold for free every few hours…

If I need to fuse an item I do nothing with 9 epics. 9 epic is very little.

And I have to eat, sleep and bathe.

That are the most commun problems… :frowning:

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Besides, there is one thing that escapes all logic.

First you should not be like a stupid hours campaigning because you may end up sick.

Second, it does not make sense for you to spend so much time campaigning to improve your items, if you then play few battles. Why do I want improved items, if all my time in the game I have spent campaigning?

Third, people get bored always making a campaign and in the end ends up leaving the game and every player that leaves the game, is a potential customer that the company loses. When do you feel more stimulated to buy? When you get bored or excited? If you open and open boxes and never get anything good, you are not being encouraged to keep going, you lose your enthusiasm and you do not buy anything else.


It would be better that powerups on campaign just would be HP-Stuff…
The other powerups are useless.

There is still something missing some importancy of campaign; maybe you should have completed some stages of the campaign to get a higher rank on multiplayer (Rank 1 - 20).

Anyways, i had the idea that maybe in the boxes you can get at the end of each stage of the campaign, instead of getting random items, you get a legendary element or something helpfull.

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It happened to me in the previous version of the game with the famous cooling module.

I needed 2 of these modules, but it took me so long to get 1, which completely discouraged me to look for the second one. It had been so difficult to get the first, in terms of time invested in it, that I was exhausted from having another.

That you open 25 boxes and you get only 2 legendary, one of which is not even good, and reaches so that you leave the desire to continue opening premium boxes.

The facr that you repeat and repeat at 2-3h a day… only to bost a wepon is beyond common sense.
The fun factor is lost in this game.

  1. You fight in PvP either OP oponent that u cant beat no matter what. Or an underpowered oponent that you simply walk over then. There is no competition whatsoever… ita a roulet… eother lose or win… no tactic, no strategy, just sir and push kill buttons. How many times did you use move in a battle?or a strategic positioning?
  2. There are OP and unbalaced wepons in game, @ToxicDoll dont say you can survive a 2 bunker shell hits… cause you dont, dont say you can take 2 flame hits from heat or energy and survive, cause you know you are dead once you get drained or overheated. A hook and flame and its over for u, or for most of us. Starting position is the win factor. You get spawned in kill range of 2 flames… you are dead.
  3. To farm like a robot 3-6h/day for 18-27 epic, that net worth 72-108k points of boost, and 180-270k gold, is not fun, and it is not worth it. Like Wep said, its a game… not a job. It is suposed to be fun, but it is not.Sure people have the right to do what they want, but for me that isnt fun, it sucks the life out of a person no matter what.
  4. Sure you can beat the OP wepons, only if you use OP wepons. I would like to see you beat a 2600 hp phis mech, with 2 anihilation(239-383dmg), myth hook(300 dmg) and charge(300dmg)… you cant. I just build one of those, and still have 3 legendary hp modules unbosted, once i get those myth and fully fused that monster will have 3118 hp, with 234 cooling, and 542 heat cap, 211 energy, and 88 regen( dont need energy).What could stop me? Where would the fun be? See my point? Sure i could spend all day in PvP to get medals and rank up… but really now to punch in 2000+ fights a week, and most if not all to be quits sure sounds like fun.
  5. Once you get your inv cleared, it costs double to fuse and bost… so the pace drops alot… and the punch time you have to put in triples, that is what Wep said.
  6. This is no longer a fun game.
  7. I care nothing for medals, and rank as long as i dont have fun anymore. The obsession for these things is dangerous and can damage your health.
  8. I dont encourage nor diacourage anyone to play this game, these are just my conclusions, opinions, take them or leave them, but do read them carefuly, cause they were earned over long period and at a great expense.
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I fully agree to everything you´ve said Pasha…

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Nah… i dident fused all my legacy items…i have 5000 more to go.
Preety hard now with that fusion cost!

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I kind of have an advantage… I have insomnia I get bad dreams and can’t sleep, I have had this problem since I was a little girl. Now when im up all the time and bored I just play supermechs while I watch tv or listen to music. I do end boss 30+ times a day so I usually get 30+ epics everyday…

Its moot now bigboy only gives crap now…