Did we just unmerged from SM forums?


Although i can still see SM topics but i cannot see Supermechs on left side my screen anymore and only battledawn and offtopic.

It is happening SM friends bye bye


This happens if you Mute everything Supermechs related apparently


But i didnt , i had SM there like a few days ago. Just recently it got removed.


still there for me


maybe another BD player can confirm if they are also seeing this.




i know what you are saying :expressionless:


But i didnt muted it :expressionless:


I know that you know what I’m saying :partying_face:


Can someone else mute it for me ??


the mods can


you asked me to…


Idk, SuperMechs Looks Muted there to me . . . .


zark vote? when was this evaluated?


Date from that Poll was January 2018,
@Zarkares was on / seen last time 9 July 2018 :exclamation:



why has it been muted for me?
i didnt opt for that.


seems you did that yourself.

I removed all supermechs stuff when I did it. Its easy to change, just go to preferences.