Did they change the drop rates for unicorn mission?

So far:

40 runs:

-About 60 epics
-About 60 rares
-Zero legendaries

Right now the drop rates feel about like

10% All rare
10% All epic
40% 1 epic
40% 2 epic

~1% legendary?

Feels like a let down… I found a legendary on my first run last time T_T

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I do The event 50 times I drop 2 legendaries

Its just the way statistics go. You may get no legendary’s and then 2 in a row or in the same box.

Well that’s promising. A streak of bad luck beats no chance at legendaries :slight_smile:

Everyone else running it on Normal too?

well i got a legendary after the fifth run
( i’m usally doing the mission on insane )

Just got my first legendary… as chance would have it, it’s one I already had (only found 5 total).

The RNG gods don’t like me too much right now :slight_smile:

The boxes makes you losing time now.

The problem is that tacticsoft doesnt care about that.

They need to make a rule about all boxes like every 4,5 box you get a epic item (for instance)
Another step I see which isnt completed yet is to make a standard.

I got the Seraph Blade after about 200 energy used, so i feel like drop rates are lowered. Maybe they want us to spend money on epics :expressionless:

They are just giving out 100s of free epics , it’s a big thing, we can’t complain anymore, if you want good stuff more easier, there is nothing more they can do

i just got another legendary :smiley:
i think you have a 3-5% chance to get a legendary on insane

I want Seraph Blade :frowning: I’ve got 2 Desert Fury’s… 1 from my first run last time and 1 from about 60 runs (600 energy) so far this time.

Gonna try to get in about 60 more while this is up. Maybe my luck will change. If nothing else, I’ll have 200 epics lol.

what is a desert fury?

I do only insane, lose 600 energy, drop only one legendare-((((

Desert Fury is the physical version of Valiant Sniper. It does pretty much the same thing…minus the 189 energy damage -_-

My luck’s changed a little bit. Found 2 more good legendaries (about 100 runs in now). Not quite what I needed, but still nice :slight_smile:

Did the event 12 times, got 3 legendaries :stuck_out_tongue:

So is Insane or Hard mode better for drop chance of a legendary? I got another legendary, so two in like 35, from Hard mode

I did it only in easy cuz im lazy :smile:

So far 4 legendaries in about 150 runs. Planning on doing about 50 more.

1500+ energy’s? WTh where did you get so much?

You guys bloppering about what you get

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