Did I talk to a ghost?

Yes, the title is weird but I am not joking when I say that I am not bored this time. I just felt like I needed to address this situation so I can feel a bit more comfortable
So it was around 5 in the morning I am just sleeping and then I got woken up by a call
I look at the time, its about 5 in the morning and I am like “Who the hell is calling me?”
I get my phone and it’s my exact same number calling me but like one digit, the last digit was off
So it was pretty much my SAME NUMBER; what is going on? So like the idiot rank 3 supermech player I was, I answered it. I don’t think mentioning that was important, just wanted to flex. Hiyah!
I picked up the phone, very very tired and I said “huhllo?”
And very distantly I heard this girls voice, I could make out what she said she was like “hi, my name’s Jen”. Pretty fking weird, right?
And i’m just like, what? This isn’t a telemarketer call, what Is going on? So I am just like, "Hi…Jen? Why are you calling, what do you want? And she said “I am just looking for a friend…Would you like to be my friend?” And at this point im like…What the heck is going on? This is not normal this doesn’t even seen like a prank call I mean it’s the middle of the week it’s not even a weekend the day this happened. WHO CALLS AT 5 IN THE MORNING SAYING THAT SH
? You know I am still going along with it, because I am curious and I am freaked out, yeah but this is just not normal. So I said “who are you? what do you mean you wanna be friends?” And she said.“I’m lonely”. So I said…“Uh yeah okay we can be friends but I need to sleep” And I was interrupted and she said “DONT LEAVE DONT LEAVE” I ignored it and was like “Bye…?” I mean it did take me a while to go back to sleep because that was some WEIRD STUFF RIGHT THERE WHO WOULD GO TO SLEEP AFTER THAT? I mean I did eventually because it was just a phone call but it was just creepy. I told my friends the next day. This was Friday now, and they were like “You should call it back see if you get like a voicemail and see who she really is” and I’m like NO! i’m not doing that insane crap! So the night gets later, around 11PM, I am waiting to see if she calls back but she doesn’t so I fall asleep. 5AM rolls around and she calls again, like does this girl ever give up, WHO ARE YOU??! so I answer it because I need to get an answer I just need to find out why this demon or whatever, prank caller is going after me. So I call and like “Hey, to Jen what’s up!” Like we’re normal friends and she said “Hi. So what are you doing?”…I WAS SLEEPING. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Is what I wanted to say but I didn’t want to anger this demon or i dont even know what it was. But I just knew I have enough problems outside of my gaming life, I don’t need anymore so I swallowed that sentence and said “Uh, nothing I was just playing video game” Then she started talking in a more faint voice and she said something under the lines of “Well--------he------------oh---------why?!” I don’t get what she was going to say, or if she was even talking to me. But it hung up…So I was actually relieved because I thought I would be stuck talking to this thing. So the next morning I told my friends again and they were like “Dude just call the number back, see what’s up.” I eventually listened and i was like it’s a beautiful morning, nothing can ruin it. So I call and THE NUMBER WAS NO LONGER IN SERVICE! So can you explain to me…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Either one; a prank caller who was doing a great job with the number, the voice and they had to wake up at 5AM for 2 days in a row to do so. Or number 2; I WAS TALKING TO A DAMN GHOST. Anyway I am just glad it’s over. I will update you guys if anything else happens.


Probably some prank caller that used a dead number to prank with.

If it’s a ghost, then probably it’s not gonna harm anyone.


I found out when I am half asleep it feels like in real life but I am actually dreaming




after reading comments “not post” its probably something dumb…

She died…

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  • Foolish prank
  • Ghost

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wdym? who died?

The ghost :ghost: :ghost::ghost:

This story is as gay as James Charles

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haha! You made a mistake, it’s not 3 am it’s 5 am. Get noob

I don’t know what you expected

either its some 5 yr old learning to use her parents disposable cell phone for the first time and being curious about their number neighbors

or a ghost

or a prank

Are you fukin serious.
That’s not a ghost then,shut

hey watch your language man

wdym mean oh wait i forget that theres a way to see me hidden text

how do i see what the hidden text is anyway