Did I just find a use for hybrid builds? (Let's discuss about hybrid builds and their potential/strategy/real use)

We all know how hybrid builds are pretty useless,huh?
Well,I just found a use for them,and that is…Raid!
As you can see,this big mech from above (although pretty stupid looking) managed to perfect today’s Raid,thanks to the damage at short distance (would 1-shot the tanks) and the drain at long distance (then would finish off using a physical weapon if it came closer).
The amount of health doesn’t matter (as it had 1.8k but took out plates to make room for weapons).
Interesting fact:While I could perfect this Raid using my physical mech as a base then adding 2 energy weapon,I couldn’t perfect it the other way around,as in using my energy mech as a base then adding 2 physical weapons to it.
Now the real point of this topic:
I could complete today’s raid perfectly using a hybrid between a physical and an electrician (mostly physical).
I couldn’t perfect it using a hybrid between a phys and an electrician (mostly electric)

Here comes the question:
Does anyone mind making other hybrids and letting us know the results?
I’m talking about:
-Heat-phys - mostly phys
-Heat-phys - mostly heat
-Heat-energy - mostly energy
-Heat-energy - mostly heat
-Why not other Phys-energy builds.

Let’s discuss other hybrids in order to come up with the best ones (in both uses and strategy) that have the potential to perfect as many tiers of Raid as possible (and if some of them are actually good for arena,let’s try to come up with casual Hybrids,that you’d be able to use in Campaign,Arena and Raid altogether!).
Let’s try to come up with as many free-to-play hybrid builds as possible and let’s make them good,so not only they have potential and are capable of perfecting many raids,but they are also affordable/accessible.
Sure,if any of you want to submit a premium build,go ahead!We’ll discuss it’s advantages,disadvantages and strategy!
Thanks for the time,also please pick a choice from down below.
I’m dead serious about this.Maybe we can make something amazing if we work together on this.
Lookin’ forward! :slight_smile:

  • I don’t think hybrids are that useful overall/Straight builds are better (in Raid)
  • Hybrids actually give results in Raid (give an example of your own in the comment section)
  • Need help with my hybrid (ask for help/ideas/suggestions down below)
  • I tested other hybrids (leave a comment with the type of hybrid and how they behaved/if they got a perfect score or not/post photos of them and let’s comment the build and strategy)
  • Complicated/Didn’t get what you meant/I don’t see the purpose of this thread
  • Too much to read,don’t wanna…Too lazy
  • Actually,I don’t really care either…

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Here is what is gonna get you all the way to raid 5( perfect).
Grimsome raptureVioles.
Valiant snipping.
Mercy( can roll 440).
Magma blast
Corupt light.
Malice beam( sometimes).

Phis becomes useless after 3rd raid… sorry.


Well,that does sound like one hell of a build,but is there any alternative to the Valiant?
Asking because that thing is legendarily rare…
And yeah,I agree on that…

But that applies if we talk about straight physicals :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure a hybrid with the close range power of a physical (Annihilation and all that to 1 shot the buggies/tanks/minions) combined with the drain of an electrician at longer range (for minions and boss) will make it to a higher tier.
This is the point of the topic :)))
Let’s make the best hybrids and not only for Raid :wink:

Well, one of the best hybrid you can see in game is 2x Annihilation 2x Desolation paired with Clash. It’s f2p friendly and completely energy free.


Yeah,this would be one of them.The Mobile Fortress,right?
Yeah,it’s a tanky,energy-free build.However,it has a range 3 gap and if it doesn’t have rollers it isn’t that practical…
Won’t perfect raids but it’s a good arena build.
Might even be a counter to most energy builds,actually.
Like…You can stuff plates and heat modules on it without the need for any energy,maxing its cooling and giving it a good amount of health,
Wouldn’t be that vulnerable to heat due to the heat modules you can put on it (extra instead of energy) and nor against energy,either (for a max amount of health and energy-free weapons)
Is this the best hybrid atm or are there even better ones?

SeraphBlade is better at close range

Bring a maxed magma blast and it’s ok :wink:

But that also weighs like 20 sumo wrestlers standing on each other’s shoulders.


holy crap that mad me laugh so hard wtf

I use a Desolation and a savagery for long distances and an annihilation and nightfall for short distances

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the hybrid mech thatll work are physical anihilationswith magma blasts