Did boosting costs just go down?


Am I the seeing things straight in the upgrade screen? :astonished: :smiley:


Please tell me this is not a bug. Because this is actually a good change!


Yes they did but transformation costs are still the same.But at least they did something.


If I’m calculating correctly they’re about 1/10th the cost now! Which makes much more sense!


needed 53,900 to maximize an epic item, now 10,780. (80% off)
10,314 for rare, now 3,438 (66,66% off)

This is great!


Boosting lowered for me, but the 2nd item I boosted reconnected me and they the same now :-/


Oh come on, you guys finally had a good change…!

Please reset the fusion costs to the value before the “bug” (?).


Same…too good to be true



I hope we dont get another update like : Fushion cost bug patched , cheers

( Jokes intended )


I believe they changed it back.


A shame, their best change since the economy update so far, and it was unintentional. :frowning:


Is it broken it still costs me around 155k to boost a legendary?


nooooo i’m late :c


Yes, unfortunately it was a glitch of some sort that only lasted for a few minutes. :sob:

Instead, we have new languages now…


I thought they finally came to their senses and realized the fusion costs are ridiculous, and changed it to something more reasonable.

Alas, that wasn’t the case. :frowning:


I am very fast, fused all items which I have planed for my 2nd and 3rd mech to legendary full fused !

Another five minutes and I will do the same to mythicals !

GIVE US 5 more minutes please !



Or you know, just make that be the normal fusion cost.

That cost is actually reasonable.



Erm, no…not just 5 minutes, but update the costs for everyone as part of the update.


Well doesn’t that just suck for everyone that missed out. As the gulf in power level between players continues to grow, enjoy seeing more quitters in PVP.

At this point I think I should just stop using mythic items so people stop quitting on me. And of course like everyone else without mythics, we’re just instantly quitting on mythiced or bug/cheat upgraded Mechs. :stuck_out_tongue: