Devolving Items


Why not have a devolve feature that gives you a random item of a tier that is one lesser than the current one?

I think it would fit with the current SM gacha system and economic practices of Tacticsoft.

Also, it would loosen the paywall of the L-M items.

Idea - Change mythical items for Gold, Tokens, Random Legendaries

it’s usselease just dont upgrade it


Nah, the idea should be checked ^^

He didn’t saied the same item one tier lower, but a random item of the lower tier…

Imagine: you myth your Iron boots, you devolve it, and you get Valiant Sniper or Magma Blast or Platinium plate or etc…

(And so it would be an alternative of dismantled mechs because their don’t match your playstyle like in the past…)


A good idea. Although personally, I think you ought to get more than 1 item of that lower tier… say at least 2, if not 3, legendaries from a mythical. Maybe make maxing said item first required, I’d be fine with it.


Mmm , why would I do that?
I’m not gonna use my myths to get some legendary repulsor


Well, that’s the risk at hand. Either you get somethin’ nice or not. I would say the idea I presented (if not thought of earlier) would also remove dust-gathering myths for a chance for better ones. Win-win for both sides.

@magicmech20 That’s gonna speed up the game progression too much, which is contrary to what the devs wanna do.


i like the idea it’s worth to think about it…


True… just wishful thinking on my part really


I like the idea also I think that it should be thought about.