Devastation rise of the Demise of King of devastation

Welcome to devastation, I’ve been inspecting you.

  • Tips Here are some great tips on how to play.
    You can build a base by posting on off-topics and make a factory in any way you want, the game is flexible and allows you to have any units you want. Upgrades costs money, which you’ll have to buy here.
    You start off with 10,000 coins (which are no longer tokens)
    Gain coins by destroying & killing units.
    Enter ‘claim’ to daily gain either 10 tokens or 2000 coins.

You can hire henchmen or hitmen

Like on supermechs, you can use tokens and get crates for them.
Notify me by clicking update for selling crates/units or buying crates/units.
There are no crates or units at the time.

  • Status
    Free, join today and get a free a premium status

Premium Card
Cost 100 tokens per purchase
Gain a 30 day premium if used
x2 Droprate
x2 Experience gained
x2 Gold rewards
Unlock premium items permanently if used

Platinum Card
Cost 500 tokens per purchase
Gain a 30 day platinum if used
x2 Droprate
x10 Experience gained
x10 Gold rewards
x2 Tokens gained
Unlock platinum items permanently if used

  • Upgrades You can apply to your character or make purchase x amount applied to inventory.
    Stats are estimated per round-off, a round-off is an attack wave ending, which means each wave is calculations.

Health If zero, this means your character, unit or structure is destroyed/dead
Cost 2 coins per purchase
Max stacked at ∞

Regeneration How much health generated per round-off
Cost 10 coins per purchase
Max stacked at ∞

Damage Inflicts damage to you opponent’s health
Types : Thermal, Electrical, Energy, Plasma, Explosive, Poisonous, Liquid, Heat, Frost, Crush, Pierce, Slash, Magic, Curse and Custom(name)
Cost 2 coins per purchase
Max stacked at ∞

Combo Increases the amount of hits you inflict
Cost 2 coins for limited time only
Max stacked at ∞

Speed If greater than your target, speed makes avoiding your target possible
Cost 2 coins
Max stacked at ∞

Range The amount of distance taken by your range
Cost 2 coins
Max stacked at ∞

Evasion If higher than combo then all attacks miss
Cost 10,000 coins or 1000 tokens
Max stacked at ∞

Cost 10,000 coins or 1000 tokens
Max stacked at ∞

Cost 4000 coins or 200 tokens
Max stacked at ∞

Defense reduction to damage taken
Cost 10,000 coins or 1000 tokens
Max stacked at ∞

  • Crates will give you items when opened. It could contain small amounts, reasonable amounts, great quantities of credits, weapons, rares or even premium items

Black Box

costs 10,000 coins

Yellow Box

costs 10,000 coins

  • Sales You can find things you need here

Light Tank

Health 2200
Armor 400 (defense)
Cannon : 600 damage
Speed : 7


10,000 HP
1000 defense
Unoccupied will make it deserted
Get 1 free with account, cost 230,000 coins

  • Limited time offers

Black Rocket Launcher Car

Type : Vehicle (equipable)
Health : +3000
Damage : x4 300
Legendary Rarity
Costs 1000 tokens or 10,000 coins
(rare) No longer available for 75 tokens

Prototype 1

Type : Fembot (upgradable through mechanic infantry upgrades)
Health : 900
Damage : x3 1200 self destruct damage
Costs 300 tokens or 3000 coins for x1 temp
Cost 3000 tokens or 100,000 coins for permanent


Inventories & Players
∞ tokens / ∞ coins
Main Base
10,000 tokens / 10,000 coins
10,000 coins

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Sorry that’s off topic and offensive.

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You now have 10,000 tokens and 10,000 coins.

I want that black rocket launcher car.

You can gain tokens/coins by attacking enemy bases, make a base post and notify me here that it’s made.
Featuring rare fembot.

You got a medium tank free.

Color it to your choosing, upload it here if you need a transparent background.
You can also make a base and have it as flexibly made as you want.
Add your base to your base page
Then uplink it here for quick access.
You can be 100% custom if you want or use this base example as your first base.
It also has 100 HP as default until you upgrade it.

On that page contains your fleet information and base & structure informations as well as upgrades.
Any information that doesn’t match your inventory here will result you being warned or banned.
You may also have an air base if you like traveling using a unit, or maybe even a tank.