Destructive Stuff I do

Because I want to remember all the destructive stuff I did. Whenever I do something destructive, I will say it here, by editing this topic, not creating another reply. Because it’s hard to find. Ok, here we go

Created a huge explosion in war thunder. I was driving a tank, and enjoying its demolition power and strength. Even weak tanks could ram right through a concrete wall! But this time I went big. I ran over a military jeep. It exploded into a huge ball of flames! May not sound awesome when I say it here, but it’s a much bigger explosion than you think. I looked around at my allied tanks, and they were like “DESTRUCTION999 is really living up to his name.”

What kind of tanks you got at wt?

My tank so far is the BT-7, I think. There’s just too many names. I was the USSR. Even though I could have picked my home country, I chose USSR because it obviously was the most powerful country at that time. But now, it’s RIP from existence.

BT-7 is an starting tank,rip for you.

Because I only started yesterday
I can almost get a tier 2 tank tho

Keep going with wt,gl.


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Stop necro posting its annoying

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