Destroying Nukes


Currently,there is only 1 way to destroy nukes which is the ion cannon which costs 250 energy to fire.1 person can destroy only 2 nukes if he has 500 energy. My idea is that we can target nukes with our nukes and destroy them.This will be more realistic.

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I see what you’re getting at but imo it would make the whole idea of a nuke kinda useless.


If you want realism then a nuke should wipe out every single worker in your colony and every unit in your army if it hits. Let’s vote for that instead pls


Or maybe adding new type of anti-nuke nukes would work?


Yeah in some games i used to play on phone there were some anti missile or bomb establishment u used to build so there was not much damage from such things.


Actually, the original nukes did destroy OPs and kill all units on it. And funny story about that! The VERY first nuke launched and landed on BD, destroyed the entire world. Michael forgot to program parameters and so when it landed, it destroyed EVERYTHING on the world. :joy:

As for the idea, i honestly find nukes underwhelming at the moment. I wish there were more/better uses for them. You shouldn’t need to ion nukes often. Minimum of 6 ticks to land is a lot of time to dodge.