Designing my own Torso, Legs, Weapons and Drones?


Hi everyone, I just wanted to have some fun designing some things for the Supermechs armoury and I was wondering how everyone else does it… Like what program or website should I use for creating them… How it can be done and what are the main parts for making/designing Supermechs objects???

Thank You.


well…you can use the Windows app Paint but it sucks…I dunno…but you don’t have a windows computer


I have a MacBook…


Maybe I can use the home computer


@KilliN @Xzyckon


Have fun …

(Liran would love to have this program for his work :wink: )



I would suggest trying out something like GIMP or adobe animate. Feel free to see the custom thread to get you started. SuperMechs Sandbox

remix mechs is a good start as it gets you to understand how they are drawn.