Deposit Profit Server

a server or two where, to play, you pay an amount of tokens. this would make the server very competitive, since if you lose, you lost the tokens you used as entry fee. you can pay any amount over 100 tokens to enter and if your alliance ends 1st place, you get a x5 income to what you deposited (if different members of your team deposited different amounts, you each will get a return of x5 what YOU deposited. so if you are very sure of your victory you can deposit a whole bunch and get it back. rank 2 alliance gets back what they deposited.

the option differences are you could either have it so that players can see each other’s deposits (what they paid to get in) to be able to easily spot who is going all-out serious) or if tolls should be hidden unless a player ticks a box to reveal it. I feel having public deposits would make it more competitive and harder for ftw players, but at the same time, some players might want to keep it private. so either vote works for me.

  • yes, include a toll server (tolls private)
  • yes, include a toll server (tolls public)
  • no, toll server is bloody rubbish

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If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please address them below. and if you voted no, please say below why it would not be a good idea.

you wouldn’t have bloody rubbish players planting as energy farms or spammers or xp farms or as conquers or anything because that would be a loss in tokens.

or you end up getting someone to pay for people to join the era on their side. That would be even worse.


as if that doesn’t already happen. but currently it’s cheaper

We’re a free to play game, period. This idea just isn’t BD.

Edit: I’m going to expand on this.

First, 100 tokens is about £1 in real money. Where I’m from, that barely buys a sandwich. My point? Nobody is going to adopt a different attitude towards an era just because they paid an entirely negligible fee to enter it. It isn’t going to change the way people play. Also, the idea that this is going to discourage people from having their friends play is laughable. £20 is the sort of money I regularly blow on games/give away. In this era? £20 is a small hired army.

Second, we have plenty of players who simply can’t boost. Younger players who simply don’t have the access to a means to make payments online, for example. This server would exclude those (entirely valid) players for really no reason at all.

Third, this server would just have a really low population and as such, would suck.

Fourth, your proposed ‘pay in multiplier’ idea is basically a form of gambling, and would make BD illegal in a number of states that it currently has a lot of players from. Best case scenario? Some nations are excluded from the era (and likely the entire game as a consequence). Worst case scenario? We’re an illegal gambling ring for underage players. Lawsuit.

It’s a no vote from me.


If I recall right, some players tried passing a boosting only server a few years back when BD was doing much more succesful than now. It didn’t pass then, and with the much lower population today, I highly doubt it would pass now. It is too unfair to those who cannot afford to boost, or those who morally do not wish to spend on a game and instead rely on activity and maybe some boosting teammates to get them through. It’s a no from me as well.

Sorry kaen, but this isn’t one of your better ideas. Community have already said pay to play eras won’t work in the past

theres a reason i put the price so low. and blue tokens work, which it’s possible to get without spending a dime on the game. this isn’t a boosting-only server idea.

Also, wouldn’t this make it very easy for one alliance to dominate through many eras on end? I deposit 15k (if blues are possible as deposit, that is), win 75k tokens at the end, next era repeat with 40k deposited and I can even use 35k extra as boosts and get 200k and so on. After just 2 eras or so I’d be able to literally do every (blue) boost every single time all era long.

Now I wanna do this so Alex has to deal with a lawsuit. Fun times for everyone! :tada::tada::tada: