Deployers: Heavier Drones that are essentially smaller mechs

So, I had a stupid idea last night, why not make INCREDIBLY heavy miniature mechs (100+KG), which have a preset loadout, and have controllable turns.

Examples: (Names would be for a heat variant, since I can think of those more)

“Burning Terrapin” Heavy damage low mobility deployer, only one turn per rotation

“Micro Inferno” Balanced mobility and damage, Two turns per rotation

“Blazing Ostrich” Low damage High Mobility (same mobility as the Burning Terrapin, but has 3 turns) medium-high Elemental Damage

These would fit into the drone slot, and replace a drone.


how do drones even fit inside mechs to begin with, why not have them already activated at the start of every fight

Magic technology gremlins have to be told to turn them on, obvs.


well they can be told to turn on before a fight cant they

At the same time, can we keep this thread on-topic?