Delicious Nerdiness of Portal Loots and How RNG Works


I agree. I think we share mostly the same idea, we just say it differently.


I am sure that same vision 100% and others factors but i am tired speak about this… and i am most sure that nothing will never change.

Others tables (drop rate Type, weapon ( list epic change legendary or not) and same with others posible changes.

Good epics/bad epics
Good legendary/bad legendary


Results of War Hammer Portal:

  • 445 runs
  • 18 Legendaries: 3 L-M and 15 food
  • 2.34 million gold and tons of blues and purples

Results held true to what I found from prior 4 portals:

  • Legendaries drop between 4-5% of all runs.
  • In the short term, RNG can create distributions far from average. In the first 150 runs, I got only one legendary. I saw others who got many legendaries from their first few tanks of fuel.
  • Had the same number of tokens been spent for Premium Boxes/Packs, I would have expected to get 4-5 legendaries. Item portals are still the best value.

In terms of types of drops (phys, heat, energy), I can discern no predictable pattern. Before the EMP portal, my drops were a mix of energy and phys. EMP portal was mostly heat stuff, with a far higher percentage of L-M items than I’ve ever seen before. The War Hammer portal was a true mix of drops, balanced across the 3 classes.

More than by mech type, I’m seeing drops grouped around item type. This portal dropped more torsos and side weapons than anything else and by a large margin.

I still see nothing that refutes the idea that there are drop tables.

Edit: Forgot to include, a box dropped on roughly 60% of runs. That has been true for me on prior portals as well. It is also subject to RNG - a smaller number of runs can deviate from this significantly in either direction.


Thanks for the figures mate.
İ think the sample is enough to give reliable numbers. Well done.


Results of Flaming Hammer Portal:

  • 350 runs
  • 14 Legendaries (8 L-M and 6 food)

All stats on this portal match my findings from prior portals.


Purplehooter, interesting topic, and your observations are astute. I find it interesting how many times this topic gets discussed by various people in different threads.

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That post was badass. Thanks hooter .


Thank you!

The original post is older, but I’ve updated after each of the last two portals. So I was the necromancer, not you. :slight_smile:


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with you updating your thread; I was just surprised that was all. By the way, fine topic you’ve here. Your logic is spot on.


@purplehooter do you think you could do an updated percentage on the new portals and their bad drop rates?