Delete me, please delete me


Whichever moderator moved this to spam because you disagree with me, can you just delete the post? Thanks


No, I will not do it until Supermechs takes out the game cheaters.

I’m embarrassed to recommend a game full of cheaters.

Sorry, but no.


Awww come on Wep, surely as a Buddhist you believe that karma will give these cheaters their due rewards!! While the karma from leaving a 5 star review will increase your chances of getting that platinum plating :grin:






  • People who restart campaign.
  • Russians who sell accounts and tokens.
  • Players with 10 mythical HP plates.
  • Players that appear from nowhere with all OP and max full.
  • Hackers in Raid.

I would never recommend anyone to participate in such a game. No, until this is corrected.


I’m sure as hell not leaving a 5-star rating for a game that’s breaking Apple’s ToS. (Not putting in item % in loot boxes)


i’ve done that 2 yrs ago and now i regret :slight_smile: