Delerium energy top weapon


This weapon i never seen before, i only use 1 phy mech bcz im lazy to build more than 1.

Sleep mode on Zzz


Isn’t there an epic version for that?


if there is an epic version of that weapon legendary category and also in heat mode and two epics of enrgia and heat and have their legendary forms but are difficult to obtain


That epic version “blue wrath” I guess is an epic max.


There is Blue Madness, a common to epic version of this weapon

Red Wrath is the heat version common to epic, I dunno the legend. to myth. one…


There is so many weapons i even dont remember the names. I just want weapon which do quick bam bam without brain drain.


I guess you’re talking abt. Iron Frenzy, which is Legendary-base.


I dunno, I never saw this item…but could be, the name’s fitting well :slight_smile:


i got it and it does around 200 max at level one myth