how can i increase my resources and increase my power?
how can i defend myself from other player and conquer player?
how can i get good rank and even win a era?

Main thing is activity and experience… The more you play the better you become, getting conquered doesn’t matter, just try to join some active team and learn the game. It will take at least 1 yr to understand the game if u have a mentor.

Make friends, start by playing in subs for powerful Alliance, that way u can get more friends

The way u talk, u don’t seem like even 1 day old player lol

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I have a good useful advice, which will help you in life, but I’m not allowed to say it here

for the game my advice would be for you to start in subs so you get to know top players and if they r impressed by your activity/game they might take you into their team in other eras

say it in private message

As merciful says, joining a sub is normally a good start and can teach you a lot about the game. To join a sub either put a message in the recruitment section of the forum or just plant on a world (or 2) and see which alliances have subs and which of them are open meaning you can join straight away.

Each of these basically leads into the other. Assuming you have no alliance upon entering a world the best thing you can do is look strong on your own.

This can be done by taking conquers really quickly as for each conquer you gain 1 power and a certain amount of resources a tick. Conquers that are easy to take are the AI colonies that have 0 achievements and 0 units recruited.

You’ll also need to be careful to not use all your resources on just creating armour units. Although they are cheap and easy to mass produce making it look like you have an army they are in fact the weakest unit by themselves. To create stronger units make sure to get the damage and range structure upgrade to allow you to take less losses in battles.

Assuming you get a few conquers (10+) and don’t get conquered yourself hopefully a top alliance will take you in and be able to help you get stronger.

If you want more detail feel free to add me on skype: elcent95

Alternatively @Senatus has created a whole guide to BD that helps people a lot:


I know that advice … For life

Zealot, i would ask that you dont distract from the point of this thread. the guide works pretty well regardless of what happened. the guide includes nothing about cheating or breaking the rules.

Settle down, you ain’t a mod yet. Smh who flagged my post

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