Decreased chances of Rare Items in boxes

I dont know if I am unlucky but…

It seems that they decreased a lot the rate of rare items in boxes. Are you serious? @Sarah247 @Mohadib

You are taking us away all the crumbs (as we say here in Italy). Will you take away our mech one day?


havent noticed much change on my end. could be wrong though.

they put me on the black list LOL
Try to notice

open a 5 box multi buy 5 times and post the screen shots and I’ll do the same, and we’ll see if there’s any truth to this. (don’t cherry pick screenshots, and have the coin count visable in the screenshot so we can verify.)

saying you’re on the “blacklist” is a big claim, let’s provide some evidence for it.





hmm, now that I pay attention to the box openings, I have to say the drop gods have not been kind to me today.

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They did decrease the chances of those items in boxes… because the box price is constant now. I still think having a constant price with a shittier drop rate is better than the previous boxes, because there’s no pressure to buy boxes each day now.

Unfortunately this affected mix box chances too.


When normal boxes costed 100,000 with normal chance for a rare with an even shittier chance for an epic is worse then a lower chance for epics and rares then having a box that is bad either way costing about, uh, 1,000,000.
Oh I see my mistake. The boxes now are better is what I mean.

Mh, I can’t understand this kind of “balancing”. Anyway, if you say is good, maybe it’s good

Absolutely correct! They changed the drop to give mostly grey poop after the price got fixed to 6500. I complained about this back then.

Dont post any screenshots with a NF drop pliz.


What? …

Im in a desperate need of a nightfall literaly since weeks. Starting to hurt…

As for the topic here. I noticed a significant quality difference in drops after the price fixation. But quite stable since then on my end.

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I think it may be the same tbh, but i could be wrong lol i only think this because i have gotten 4 epics in one sooooooooo idk

Depende, yo creo dan más que antes XD!