Decided to draw some mech builds


drew this by hand needs color but i will do that later :slight_smile:
Equipped with:
myth Windigo
leg power bottoms
myth hurlbat
myth sparan carnage
Myth amnihalation
myth night eagle
myth back breaker
and myth mercy
hope you like


Equiped with:
leg kraken
leg burning boots
myth corrupt light
epic ironbark
epic sikanda
epic squinch


52 AM
serakraz torso


equiped with:
myth sith
myth charged walkers
myth malice beam
epic faithful steel
epic scalpel
and epic crow


Why the old design :rage:


kinda upside down :upside_down_face:


It looks like a tattoo


well my camera settings are outta wack and idk how to fix it so thats how it is