December Update : Titan Update and Desktop Version


There’s been a slight update to titan

7star titan requires 7 less tickets. Lol

And you get a max of 84 coins for ticket collecting from the previous 75


pass … keep giving better rewards the campaign.


Very small difference… maybe 95 clan coins for tickets? Even 100 would be perfect


Yeah, but who has the time to collect 310 tickets in a day???


I collect 1000 tickets on average… My record is 1227

Unfortunately, I could only collect over 500 this titan due to everyone taking advantage of the special quest. But yeah, fun stuff. Good gold and cards.


Too luch leverage is given to Tyrannosorus Mex 1 he can use the falcon twice and in 7 range also…so what is the point to compete with a monster who can use all his weapons more than the limit…Atleast give us a fare chance to kick his back…


Yeah cause that s what people want… Mhm those were the problems, how about some real changes?
Some new events, game is super boring atm


This is why there are different difficulty levels. So it can fit your level of strength.


I completely agree with you @cousin_joe.

They should possibly make Titans give some ok rewards instead of clan coins. Like some tokens (30-40), inventory space, color schemes (why not, style is important). Inventory space + 5, for sure! And some other innocent things, to make it a bit better, but not too much. We are asking for rewards to be around 50% higher than the current, cause it really is the bottom now. I don’t see the point currently, efficiency is very low.


Here’s an idea. How about a titan you can move? Mechasaurus III kept moving, and it got to the point that it was 2 distance from me. I used my last words, and jumped back. It jumped forward, and used ash creator. We then repeated this until we ran out of uses. Then we just kept jumping around for about 10 turns…


Ant Titan seems to have a good chance of being moved (due to it being Ant-Based)


Hey, curious… Can you Jump Over a Titan? Like Tyrannosaurus Mex? Or the other one that walks (forget name)?


You’re probably talking about the Shogun titan serie…^^


Yes you all have point


Yeah, I saw in @Dwightx 's video that he jumped over the titan:

Time stamp: 6:42 - 6:45


Maybe We Should Stop Reviving this Pertty much dead topic?


LOL! More like through the Titan :rofl:

But yeah, I guess it’s possible

Thanks for that


@Smirk and @Berserk40000

Guys the link to download the Desktop version is not working as of 3/8/2019

Edit 1: I’ll let @Mohadib also know. The desktop download link is NOT working still 3/10/2019