December Update : Titan Update and Desktop Version


The most important is the reward should be increased


Otherwise no more player play that Titan even the Titan is great


i cant download it :frowning: i play on my school computer so i cant down load it


Will there be a way for Kongregate players to play on desktop?


seems insane


I agree with some of the other comments re: the rewards

I think it’s awesome to have some new Titans but the fact the rewards are so ho-hum, it’s hard to get excited about them

A few good ideas have been tossed around, but could include…

  • Fuel packs
  • Rare or Legendary Power Kits
  • Premium Boxes
  • Specific L-M Items… for a lot of Tokens of course
  • Paints (different levels)
  • Some different pre-packaged Mechs
  • Plates (at super high-cost of course)
  • Individual or Clan discounts on Premium Boxes/Packs


school computer…wth


Most of us really don’t care about them.

As of the desktop version,might be useful,but then again,it’s not what was expected.

We expected items,maybe perks,gifts,maybe another Unicorn Portal,maybe a single portal that ACTUALLY has good drops,not like the last garbage portals.

Not to mention it’s been over 3 weeks since we had a portal and the next one will definitely be a drone.Waste.


Ayyy, kinda excited for new reward boosts, as it will add to my growing pile of coins (because I don’t wanna spend them just yet)

And I hope there will be cool events and things to come in the future this December month!


All but these.
They encourage p2w-ing and futher increases the gap between players.
It’s unfair.


I would like to add to your list of rewards if you allow it :

  1. Inventory space.


Top 5 clans get discount on clan boxes/packs? :smirk:


Yeah so the desktop version just crashed for me.


me too, but i think for a different reason: my computer is 7 years old so its to old to run this without crashing
@Smirk @Berserk40000 look at above comment also


Are you part of the G41 Gang to?


Nice job of the desktop version😎


I do not have words to think about how I do happy because it’s going to be new titans does 3 raids that the titans will be the same and it was a good idea to add the god mode more to my my legal cool will be the rex


If the reward doesn´t improve, the TITAN is the same, even if it changes face.

I have not played TITAN for a few weeks now and the reason is that I get better rewards on campaign than with TITAN, so I don´t want to waste fuel on tickets.

And since I don´t make tickets, it seems a bit bad… I don´t know… do battles of TITAN, I do not want to take the opportunity of others who sacrifice themselves (because we understand that it really is a boring sacrifice), making tickets.


You excuse me, but this is somewhat ironic … then you are aware that the drop rates are bad on the game …

With respect to the drop rates I must say that it have improved with respect to that there are more chances of getting legendary. If you open 3 premium packs, you can probably get 2 legendary ones. The problem now is that, legendaries that you get are bad, there are almost no special legendaries. Most of the time they only serve for fusion. There are articles such as Red Rain (which nobody wants), which lately is repeated a lot in the boxes.


Titan is still pointless. P.S. did the update actually roll out yet? I don’t see new changes.