December Update : Titan Update and Desktop Version


Hello Pilots,

One of the most cozy and fantastic months is about to approach us. Of course, we are speaking about sweet December!

December’s update brings us two changes to the game - a big Titan update and a new Desktop version!

We have already prepared a lot of fantastic in-game stuff for you. @Smirk and @Berserk40000 have joined the team and are also leading the charge on social networks. We will appreciate any feedback you can provide us with regarding the upcoming social media changes. We strive to increase your satisfaction with our project and make your gaming experience much more exciting.

New Titans and Better Difficulty Levels

We have added nine new Titans to the Evil Titan team - each one brings its own set of weapons, challenges and strategies that clans can defeat together! You will start facing them after the Shogun Titans. Here is a preview of the challenges that are to come!

In addition, we made improvements to the difficulty system that decides how strong Titans are and how big the rewards are. Starting from the next Titan wave, there will be multiple difficulties in the same star rating for a Titan. Winning or losing against a Titan will not always increase or decrease the star rating of the next Titan, but it will adjust the difficulty and reward based on the clan’s performance. This will give all clans Titan challenges that are better suited to their abilities and allow the clan to collect more clan coins as a group.

Desktop Version

After a round of beta testing, we are publicly releasing a desktop version of Super Mechs!

This version is very similar to the browser based version, and allows you to download a client that will auto-update and stay up to date with the game. Performance should be similar to the browser versions, but some players in the beta test reported better framerates.

Some internet browsers have started limiting the use of Flash Player content on them, this version makes sure that you will be able to keep playing the game, without interruptions from your browser.

In order to download the client, go to and click the “Download for Windows” button (Mac OS will see a button for their platform, we hope to also support Linux in the future):


Have fun!
The Tacticsoft Team



and a ant titan…

Brace your self bois, cause giant ant mechs are commin

probably with a colony too.


Interesting. Will be sure to try out the desktop version.


I’m pretty sure that the ant mech will be given a shrinking perk.

@Mohadib, please give the ant titan a shrinking perk, it will fit the game.


Small ant giving you 500 hp damage headaches.


Wheres the titan ant mechs nest

burn it before they multiply more.


Always good to see improvements from you guys.
And new content is what i always consider as good improvement, even if at first we are skeptical about it, and it takes a bit of trial and error to make them great, in the end we(players and devs) usualy pull it off.
Great news about a change in the Titan chalange, truth be told, it was getting a bit dull, as in gameplay wise. Also the fact that the rewards were a bit low, didint help much, and the distribution of it created some small tensions within the clan… that kinda defeated the purpose of beeing a team challange.
Also the fact that if your clan failed to beat the Titan, because of some stupid reasson… like forgeting to play the Titan, or failing to actualy do any significant dmg… and thus resulted into a demotion to an inferior Titan, and thus less rewards… was kinda of a punishing thing. Good to see it gone.
We are looking forward to other good features that promote the Fun aspect of the game.
Maybe in the future a little rework of the wepons, to promote some of the fallen-out-of-Grace ones back in the Light might be a good thing.


Ps: Does the 3rd titan look like a return of the GOD MODE Torso? Old school things… a reminder of the Torso… that broke the Legacy…


Killin Did reveal the dinosaur and god mode titans


Any info on:


They seem lackluster and slightly underwhelming. Would do amazing if you could increase the clan coins given? Especially the ticket collecting amount because 310 tickets for 75 clan coin is the reason why most players tend to ignore it.

Otherwise, lovely job. Good to see the desktop version coming to life. As you were, gentlemen.



Titan is even heavier, not really good news

I am boss clan lyll and
I do not accept titan even harder and 3700 tickets is too much ,
really tiring

I do not want my players tired because titan insane

I see lack relaxes the game
do more news items
every week


No. new item every week means 52 new items a year. This will create an overflow of new items and history will repeat itself. #ReReloaded


Wow. I wonder where I seen those titan faces before.
Oh wait.
It was already leaked
I would have been happier with this if it wasn’t for spoilers.


yes it’s better like that 5000 players will play


That… That amount is for the 7-Star Titan.


Already 30,000 players play each week


yes, something like that


So? It’s really not that hard to collect.

You just need 12 Players to collect at least 310 Tickets.

It’s even way above the limit.


can be but rank 1 there are only 300 players and wait less 20 min each fight really long it is impossible continues like this


@Mohadib are you serious? The problem is not the difficulty of titanium, but in reward! After 2 months of daily play, I saw a reward of 3 epic. Thank you, but after that I refuse to play Titan. Now you increase the difficulty, so now we need 4 months of the game to catch 4 epics?


No one said the difficulty of the final Titan would be getting harder. Only mention of the stars being dissected into further stages of difficulty.