DEBATE: Is water wet?


Fish are dry underwater.


But when you throw your credit card underwater :thinking:


I don’t know about that but I can tell you if you throw your credit card at a neutron star the data on that card gets ripped apart. So therefore, credit cards are plasma.


Water is just boneless ice.

Yalls are in 1749


I believe that water is wet in the sense that we perceive its feeling as “wet”. Wetness is one of water’s properties so, when water is on a surface, we conclude it is wet, but that “wetness” is actually water molecules themselves. Henceforth, I conclude that water is “wet” in the context of how to describe the feeling of water atoms on you.

Seriously though, debates like this never end.


when u take the debate seriously



Okay, firstly What is wetness : wetness is something which YOU feel when there is a new presence of water molecules on ur skin . When you feel the water molecules on something else , u say that it is wet. You feel wet when you put a drop of water on your hand but u don’t feel wet when you putanother drop on the same spot again.

So describing whether something is wet depends on the observer. Say u look at a fish underwater. Wrt the observer the fish is not wet because u can feel the water on it till now .

Next is why the fish doesn’t feel wet when it is underwater.(same if we are under water) : we feel wetness because of the movement of water molecules on our skin, when we are under water, water molecules are evenly spread on our skin, so we don’t feel, wet since there is no motion of water molecules to somewhere on our skin where it wasn’t present .

Next why you feel the fish to be wet when u take it out. Now again there is a movement of water molecules to somewhere on our hand where water wasn’t already present.

Finally -is water wet : if you observe wrt a water molecule inside a breaker, it is not wet (explained above )

But if you are an external observer placing the molecule on your skin , you feel wet

Basically water is not wet but it makes other things feel Wet when it comes in contact with them - wetnes is only a feeling , it’s not a property

Thank you, hope it clears your doubt @Xzyckon :slight_smile: , if not feel free to ask :stuck_out_tongue:


How could you be so stupid? Water is not wet, Wet is water!
Inferior fools


There is 1 more question…is fish underwater wet? Also why ? / why not?


Is wet fish underwater?


Write down your calculations. (5 marks)


If I mix milk with water, which will get wet first?




if I nut in self, will I create a waterfall? If so, which will get wet first?


Obviously the protein and fat particles present in it …


I have calculated the wet is indeed water, because if you perform the equation 熃稥ˆ + ∂¨¨™£∞¶ and then divide that by the exponential divide of œåΩ∑ß≈, then your answer is the very complicated number of YEET. This very solidly proves my point, debate over


but did you account for the fish?


Oh my, Im so sorry, I forgot. I will fix the equation.
If you take the premise base of the ≈¥ˆ¥ø©øˆ¨´ß®∂ƒ˚¥©¬ƒˆ∂¥†˚¨ƒ rule and then scronch that into the ø†¥®´ß∂ƒˆ©øˆß¥®´∂†¥ƒ√˙¬˚ˆ¥∂®¨†çƒ¥©√∆˙∫œ∑´®†¥¨∑´®†¥¨ˆ∑´®†¥¨ˆ∑´®†¥¨ theorem then shove a fish inside of it the answer is YºEºEºT
There is no possible rebuttal to this equation, as it involves the most comprehensive arithmatic that you mere mortals have ever seen.


You need to integrate it from 0-r , r being the radius of a water molecule considering the effect of surface tension , gravity and the intermolecular forces between the molecules…