Debate about boosting


constantly i see people saying that someone won because they boost. hell, i used to be one of those losers that just stood on the sideline and insulted people that boost. the people that win without boosting arent the ones that have skill. the players that can boost a hell of a lot without going into debt are the ones that have true skill. show some respect, if you see anyone boosting at all. they are the better person. they are supporting a cause greater than themselves. maybe instead of being salty, you should boost yourself.

i’ve had to make sacrifices and sell things that some would think unsellable or illegal to sell, but i have made sure to support Tacticsoft.

the real adrenaline isnt in the win. the real adrenaline is trying to find money somehow to get out of the debt you put yourself in by boosting

why dont you all stop whining and crying and just buy a few 10k packs. you know you want to


The real adrenaline is also during the mission to steal your dad’s credit card from his wallet whilst he is sleeping, then buying a few k reds and hoping you don’t get caught.

After that is the phase when you keep buying and buying until he eventually notices £200 gone from the bank acct.

Then you get the final adrenaline rush where you activate your super brain power you never used in the maths exam at school, searching for a valid excuse or a lie that it wasn’t you. I’m an expert at this btw I’ve escaped being caught many times :sunglasses:


i WOULD agree with you completely if you said “buying 7 packs of 10k reds” instead of that “a few k reds” nonsense


But Kaen you’ve got to understand that it’s all in the long run, I planned this out you see, if I bought packs of 10k reds he would’ve noticed the large amount of money and caught me red-handed, after that he would’ve probably grounded me and he would padlock his wallet and sleep with it under his pillow. In that case I would never be able to buy reds ever again. But by getting away with a few k reds every time, I am able to buy more than just 70k reds in the long run :smiling_imp:


real skill is to kill the boosted army and see the boosters tears on bcs and msgs about u cheating or something stupid <3 warms my heart everytime


aaaah I see you’re one of the haters.


no i like boosters give them a chance tbh i mean swag how many reds do u need to pay people so they take u on lets be honest here :smiley:


As much as u pay to be carried by Traj in T :stuck_out_tongue:


i supported only once was worth it tbh deleting bcs and able to share res without level 5 converter
we all know u buy ur eras swag ur famous for it


I used to boost just to give my team mates the tokens… Sometimes boosters didn’t even spend any money. They are just trusted by their teammates enough that they invest their money into them… So no need to hate.


I aint hating, pal. I myself feed teammates once in awhile.


Holy moly, you live?


Once in awhile. It’s a rare occurance.


If you like the people and the era is worth it, funding a team is the same as funding yourself. Thank you Kaen for the past.


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