Deathpunch is truly death

Just one hit from this fckin weapon and I lose 1/3 my hp, getting hit by 2 is K.O …
Any one care to share the stats and how to get the weapon please?
Is it like only a legendary ->myth? Or is it a epic->legend->nyth? What are the chance sof gettin it? (The heat one)

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If i’m not mistaken it’s a legendary-myth only item…same as all the really good weapons, health, armor, drones well you get the point


before the update i used the old death punches. the new one does
2x more damage
doesn’t consume rockets
drain more resistance

whoever has 2 or more of the new ones are basically unbeatable ._.

I heard it only weighs 60kg… if i euip 3 its overkill…too bad I do not have any

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I wasn’t aware such item exist I have to dig lot more now. If my inventory allow.

Encountered a death punch doing 350-650 damage, 104 heat dmg, 32 max heat dmg, 14 cooling dmg, and 10ish res drain.

send aid



You guys should really have a taste of the electric death punch hitting you, once you are drained… 892 dmg…its like… nope…nope… nope… this just not happened.
The combo wad like this, push back grenade thingy( fully fused myth form), 235 dmg(95 drain), then electric deathpunch 892 dmg, then drone 111 dmg.
1238 dmg in one round.

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^^ very balanced !


:astonished: :astonished::astonished:

I’m not the one to back out of a challange, but against these things, there is no way…unless you pack the same thing…then it becomes a question of who gets first shot.
There is really no strategy involved when you pack so much damage.You just stay there and press the kill button.
An do belive me, i have a decent mech @Lannister met it a couple of times.
But that build, is way to OP.
IMHO these things have to go, because they turn fights into seal clubing…any other mechs they meet…unless they meet similar ones.
@bestplayerintheworld u really think that is unbalanced… i think I just got unlucky with the rolls on my wepons that’s why i lost :))),


1238 damage in two turns?
ok im done

in 1 turn…2 moves.

It’s for people to buy. As I said before, the carrot for the rabbit.

Absolute bullshit with these things now.

today i used my old deathpunches to troll some players. guess what? after they see my new torso and my weapon they just left the game lol ^-^

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LMAO… 15 characters bla bla bla.
Nice troll :))

I hate quitters. I don’t care if they know they will loose you play till the end of a match don’t be some wuss that can’t handle pounding on a few monster bots even if they may kill you with 2 hits.
That’s just as bad as the cowards that need quiet rooms with crayons and play-doh in their colleges to feel safe because of the political views taking place these days, bunch of wussies.

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