Death Punchs And Lava Sprays Are Umbeatable


Only players that have the same weapons can beat these hell things.

If this is balanced, let us imaginate how it would be if there wasnt a “balance”.


Did we have balance in the Legacy version?
Did we have any balance ever since the GodMode torso and the lavaspray and heat axe were released?
You wanna talk about balance?
Talk about modules first 145hp vs 315 hp, same weight.16 res vs 29 res. Etc etc.
But i think they need to nerf those, and the top wepon that deals 265 drain or so.
I mean really… 3 uses of 265 drain, dual of them.
Those are money items.
Those are the real myths of the game.


Welcome to Pay-to-Win.


I’m p2w lol, but even buying i can’t beat 'em.


free advice: buy more


These are a bit of what Mohadib said to me in beta
Don’t blame me

Same item of a higher tier would be more useful as it would have the same weight
You won’t need to have the same item of lower tier
You’ll need to clear such items make up space for other items


This would be perfectly acceptable if those items were Common-Mythical.


I and other testers just had to test item balance
And in the boosting test I was busy , so I wasn’t able to give it much

I didn’t really encounter a Death Punch in full economy test

[details= For Someone who would come shouting at me Do you call this Balance]Those items seemed balanced compared to its fellas , We send all the imbalance reports and they did pretty much of that
There was no Legacy item in beta[/details]


No no, I was actually referring to the HP modules.

Legendary-Mythical HP modules should not exist. They should have just been Common-Mythical.


We don’t have a good diversity of items with varying weights
I decided not to fuse away old HP modules