Death Physical XD!

Sin duda la más hermosa


Why is my BigBoy different?

That is fake. :slight_smile:

Look at the jet black parts and the pile of legacies.

es del beta no es fake, tengo video XD

How do you have beta access? Do you work for Sarah?

el bigboy del beta estaba demasiado op y lo cambiaron XD!

So this was an old picture?

es de una serie de videos que subí del beta antes del update XD!

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seriously I can not believe that they think it’s false myself I know it’s the beta of the game xD

friend do not know me but I think you did not play the beta >:(

Look at those legs under that mech

So…Is there a chance to have a phys Death Punch in Reloaded or nah ?


I guess later on, there will be a lot more items…

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