Death of heat mech

Here’s the solution for every decent physicist to defeat heat mech…

Deploy drone
shoot with any physical myth weapon

get shot

shoot with any physical myth weapon
drone shot

get shot

shoot with any physical myth weapon
drone shot

Rince and repeat

One shot of a mythical physical weapon easily equals 2 shots of heat weapon ( unless its magma but even then it only equals it).
Add the drone shot and the fact that they have massive amount of health because they only need 3 weapons a lot lighter than other type…

I’m probably one of the most dedicated heat type player in the game… But damn its getting hard to have fun…


But Heat Mech Can Use a Double Heat Bomb … like +850 Heat ( and 700 For yourself ? )

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Heat should be buffed

^Only solution


and do like 100 damage… both mech have to cooldown and we’re back to square 1…

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Please not this again …

1st Energy Mechs are OP

2nd Physical Mechs are OP

3rd Heat Mechs are OP

… I read now all this so often :exclamation:

There is no mech which can win all, all win AND lose :exclamation:

Thats where the strategy starts to count …

… TRY to win as much as possible, lose as less as possible :exclamation:

If there would be a build winning ALL, would mean clicking the “fight” button and make 500 Arena Points easy :exclamation:

No, its a game with a lot of changes, sometimes Energy mechs dominate, sometimes Physical mechs dominate, sometimes Heat mechs dominate :exclamation:



I think I’m an ok strategist and a good builder…
Yes you can’t win’em all… and I don’t want to…
Even without plate I could do ok…

But I’m loosing to any ok physical player with whatever strategy I try… where’s the fun in that…

I don’t want to be OP, I’ve always been a heat player and will always be…

But you can’t deny my first post about the recipe to defeat a heat mech being a physicist… its that simple…


none of the mech types are OP , have 3k+ hp with plat plates and E-M multiple resist module and you can beat anyone

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I 100% agree.
So whatever the devs do about it, they better do it fast, i guess.
Like i said before, heat mechs are like the weakest in the game.

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I have not seen ANY phys mech in the arena with 3k+ hp.
and the multi resist module(the premium one) is maximum protector(39 resist all at max myth and is an L-M item.
The other one is saviour resistance. I think its a R-E item, does 16 resist all.
Just saying

Not true. And believe me, would it be the case, besty would have done it. Boilers would kick you, elecs would beat you. Youd just beat physicists…
You obviously dont know what you are talking about…


It’s easy to have fun, just play another game. :slight_smile:


Hey Rovo!

I think … it seems to me that one of your problems is that you haven´t almost far distance weapons. That is, to shot your opponent, you need to approach or approach him. And that suits the phys!

Maybe with weapons that hit from further away, it would work better.

I think … I think that may be that.


You are right wep. Rovo has always been the best in a specific breed… heat boilers, to win no other choice but to invapacitate the oponent, so sorrow, grimhole, now the bomb. You stay in range for physicists (and the cool down/hit dance he mentions starts) Actually damage oriented heat (pushers) are doing good (looking at you here dear :slight_smile: )

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I removed the Reckoning for that reason. Besides that forced me to carry hook and charge, which is an extra weight.

On a more serious note, damage based heat mechs are much more effective now compared to the ones focused on heating up your opponent.

So that’s the route I went with.


But the tactics of the heat have always been to warm up and get away as much as possible. And if it is possible to remove resistance.

Heat needs to move, in that sense the Claw can help little.

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You may be right!!!

I’ll give it a try…

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Just put back the builder hat mate. Youre the best on that…


mmmm :roll_eyes:

desolation and abomintion?

I would never give up!
Look at this!
I just mythed and legyd every single heat stuff!

I rather not giving up than switching to electric mech!

Did i missreaded that pls say it btw?