Death Match Game Mode

New game mode that has a few changes in resource and structure workings.


  • Start with all structures at level 4 tick 1.
  • Start with 10k metal and 10k oil.
  • Increase base farm growth by 50.
  • Increase resource opps resources by 100% but remove worker growth.
  • Mass boost bar fills three times as quick the first time and 50% quicker for the whole round.
  • World is a 3 ticker 1500 max tick.

This would use the new XPv2 :slight_smile:

  • Great idea! Please make this happen Alex/Josh!
  • I like the idea of a death match but posted below my thoughts on a different version
  • This idea sucks, Elecent please stop with your useless suggestions
  • Meh could be okay but I’ll stick to regular BD

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I remember AOE when I see this lol


Used to always play death match AoE. Was much more fun :slight_smile: