Dear Silverbox, please read - Game issues to be addressed

Dear @SilverBox,

Please take note of the following:

The game is very unstable on iOS, whereby the loading screen gets stuck after an ad displays. The game needs to be restarted once this happens. Also, after performing various activities, the game becomes unresponsive and slows to around 1FPS normally after about 15 mins of play. The game also crashes after every clan wars battle. These issues have been present for over a month now.

The implementation of Devine Tier was a poor idea in the sense of providing relics that cannot be themselves upgraded. There are a very limited amount of Common and Rare items that can even go to Mythical. I would say most players do not even possess half of these in any upgraded state. So the situation is that these Common and Rare relics are building up with absolutely no usefulness. This situation will perpetuate unless some use can be found for them.

Many players have maxed out all arena boosts a long time ago, and are now sitting with thousands of these coins. Maybe these can be converted to other forms of currency, or even items could be added to the arena shop that can be purchased with them. At least players would be motivated to play for the coins again.

Arena is really dead nowadays, especially in 3v3 since the battles take so long. Better rewards need to be looked at for arena participation. As it is, Premium boxes give 9/10 epics anyway, so why not give a box every 20 wins. See how populated the arena will be after that.

It is mentioned almost daily how awful drop rates are. You mentioned yourself that these haven’t changed for over 2 years. Back then there were very few items, and chances were much better to get decent stuff. Now there is so much garbage in the available items list, that getting something that you want, or even useful, has become almost impossible. It only enforces the reluctancy of players to spend, not the opposite way round. Giving customers a poor experience and no value for money is a sure way of putting people off, from both the game altogether, or in least from spending. Don’t you guys get that?

Other games provide unlocks to certain items after passing a given level. At some point, players should be given access to exclusively legendary boxes. Nobody at high levels wants purple crap. Nobody! I stopped spending around 18 months ago, because I got fed up dropping $100 to get one useful item. I work out how much you lost just from me is around $1800-2400 so far. I will never, ever spend again in this game until I am offered value for money. There are other players who have vowed the same, so think about how much TS is losing by being miserly with drops.

Fortune boxes used to at least give players a chance to get some of the better items, but these boxes have been absolutely nerfed. I have not gotten a legendary out of these boxes for over a month now. Everybody is having the same experience.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to respond to the above, and maybe let us know what the plans are to address these issues.

Have a great day!


Yes , you are very right…

I cant even get a fortune box lately

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I’ve got to admit that you have good points!

The game needs tweaking… drop rates and rewards would benefit everyone!

Arena coin and those relics are to rethink indeed

Good post


XD in thought you didn’t care. But anyways I give you ten points on this post.
You should have added to upgrade item portals back to being epic and legendary items and not just shitty epics

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I honestly don’t think they will do that. They obviously adjusted their business model to be even meaner with rewards etc. Although the funny thing is, I used to spend a lot of money on refills during what used to be the 48hr portals. I also used to spend money in general when the rewards were better. Now I don’t spend at all. Just zero value for money nowadays.

Legendary portals are just that now …legend. Never to return I’m afraid.

P.S. I really don’t care. But doesn’t hurt to ask and raise the issues.


very good post :clap: :clap: :clap:

this happens in android too


i’d to see like to see something like getting rewards each 10 battles(example) 1p. box, or gold, tokens, kits, you know, a better reward for playing arena, not just 5000 gold 1000xp and sometimes 1 mix (silver) box

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better events would be cool, or two events in the same day, for example a daily mech sale or offer plus the daily event, cause most of the times having a mech offer or sale is just a waste of a day.also, game needs some volume balance update, cause there items that are too loud, for example desolation, drones when are activated, etc. most of the time im playing with no sound in this game cause it hurts my ears, and im watching yt at the same time so i cant decrease sm sound from website

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You can mute sounds from Sm settings :wink:

i know, but i would like to play with sound and doing other stuff at the same time

Yes although it is true SUPREME CANNON Totally kiils my ears AHHHHHHHH!!!

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abomination, flamewave and more

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Yes SUPREME CANNON be like rarahahah
My ears be like : An a a a a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???;*(+*::=(#(*+#+(#=(:+;%(;(+$+
Yes I am not joking you can experience it when you wear headphones…


im not using headphones and it also hurts me, my pc volume is at 30…

Rip ears :frowning:


Please stay on topic. Thanks guys.

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At least it’s not For Honor with magic phasing walls and flying bodies…
Or dbd… Ugh

I think we should be able to sell useless items, that way we dont have to be bothered by inventory going to waste once we dont require more relics

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I think silverbox has to leave here and replace another even better

and mohadib too, he is total silent

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