Dear Salty People: The Thread





Im sorry @Darkstare, but quiting before receiving the final blow is taken pretty salty and irrespectfull on my end.

Insta quiting on a wrong pick is fine. But if nothing wrong with the pick, fine battle, quiting at the final blow comes bad to me.


This goes for everyone


I know you never do that. Im sure you dont even quit if your troll deploys in front of an elec…


one question when have i been salty?


Yeah, I find quitting to be an extremely rude thing TO DO. But I don’t mind receiving quits.

I only quit on rare occasions… like people wanting to quit on me to to give me a boost or something but I prefer if they won instead


I only quit because I made a fatal mistake at the end of the battle. I didn’t realize people took that salty and disrespectful, I was just moving on.


I usually quit as soon as I’ve 100% lost the battle.


Yes, he is a hunter, a very good one at that.


He must have a lot of time on his hands… maybe too much



I’m waiting for some player to tell me that no …gay. Seems funny. Easy reply to them “no win gay”


I think they only start saying that in the higher ranks.


Yeah he is, I call out smurfs then they go beast mode, kill me and insult me. I have 2 max myths but that’s because I hate doing Arena and I plan on making a huge comeback when my mech is fully max mythed.


The grammar hurts my eyes…


God Z battled me earlier with the energy free torso

ie the torso designed to use no energy

and deadass sent me “no en gay”

self awareness level 0.


well seems to me like a good placed joke…but i dont know any of those guys actually


As it says in my poem: “No en gay;
Angry players say while under defeats delay”

“no en gay” for ya hopes you will laugh :joy:
I just don’t get why people say that but, guess they got nothing better.


it became a joke through i was being used…i like to use it to my friends when it suits


Why you don’t show your text you wrote before :question:

Funny how you hide it :exclamation:

But nothing else to expect from such a character :exclamation: