Dear Salty People: The Thread


Hahaha, hilarious post! That guy died being salty.

That’s what happens when you stacked on the plates with little heat/energy mods.



Cant even get an insult right. GG though :wink:


I’m on a roll tonight



Its not even nub at all. Its noob


Hahaha, again, LowKee. Man, you get some easy matches. Rip that salty guy.


look guys this player which represents htk try to teach us how to win with grace and respect


I can understand the frustration, if someone lose 3 times in a row in 2 hours vs me :exclamation:
I can understand that they start insulting me during the battle :exclamation:
I can’t understand why they try to turn it around (and only showing the reaction, but not what they said self and started with :exclamation:
Funny anyways



you are the only one who get frustrated from a flash game XD

You don t have any skill or talent at this game since you are wining just doing item superiority and not from any skill (i saw some of your replays,others can see that too)

One question left

By htk i understand hole clan,no? XD
Btw good to see that this post got some likes


You forgot to tell her why she said that.

Probably turn it into a gif or a video next time.


Don’t worry boss, their insults mean nothing if they can’t even win. :rofl:


Yup. It seems to be when I start shutting them down I get the messages.


i love how salty people these day
he/she keep spamming “nub” after destroying my first mech then realise how fucked up he/she is


He does what he can with what he has (or what TS has given him). Don´t get angry with him, try to get close to him and help a little with his construction. More satisfying than winning a battle is when you discover that the person you helped has improved a lot! It´s true that some don´t let themselves be helped, but at least you make the attempt.


I love when the other player defeats one of my mechs just to realize my second mech is a OP counter to both of their remaining mechs. It warms the cockles of my heart to watch as their attacks just bounce off my high resistance. Funny thing is that they usually run their mouths all the way up till their last 3 hp, and I’m sitting there with 1500 hp.


Greetings to @urodelus , he is the sweetest guy on the game.

Thanks Urodelo for giving me the opportunity, my experience with energy mechs is very limited and I am learning. You are a very good player, always you are headache for me.


Welcome to the world of energy mechs :slight_smile:

Agreed, Uro is a pretty sweet guy, been a headache since he was in Kongregation, love fighting against him.
Altho, If you need any help regarding energy mechs, let me know, would be glad if i could help you :slight_smile:


This is about salty people here.
Let us complain, find somewhere else for your sweet stuffs.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lordcurzon… l take it into account. It makes me nervous to play with energy, but it’s a whole new experience and curiosity dominates me.

I think one of things I like most about energy is that there are no stereotyped mechs. People use all kinds of weapons and all seem to be effective. There is no design that is superior to another. Energy mechs opens a fan of possibilities.


suprised im not here