Dear Salty People: The Thread


Know what you are saying mate

Not this flag

I saw USA flag near by his name



Hello. @ShadowOfDeath
A month ago you already wrote something similar to me. But then you still added a picture of a wolf in sheep’s skin … I would remind you that then the thread was closed because of the toxicity of publications.
I wish you a happy day


for that same reason you must stop being toxic, the toxicity begins from the moment you incite others. Do not you remember when your clanmates dirty the threads offending and attacking? you just go out and say it was playing, but you do not ask them to correct their position, so I think the toxicity starts from that point. the toxicity begins from the moment you throw the stone and hide your hand. You need to read the new forum rules.

you must stop being toxic in this community, we must maintain a debate about the important things of this game, and not to create problems in it. I hope that someday you correct your attitude.

Have an excellent day my best wishes.


Please, give me an example of my toxicity in the last month. Thank you for the future


This is just a sample, if you read about toxicity you will find that making heavy jokes. It is a form of aggression since you try to expose it to others. People do not have to endure your “jokes” or your black humor.

I hope in the future controls your toxicity, to keep this forum clean of conflicts. Best wishes and good luck.



This is a joke


You are being manipulated. Now I’ll give you a chronology. Be careful about the future.

one day passed

A New Forum Policy


are you threatening me?.

you asked for evidence of its toxicity.
there you go. you throw the stone and you hide the hand. I have nothing else to say. I just hope that the future stops being highly toxic and that you give up that negative position. if you want to say something do it in front of you not hidden behind the false jokes that only seek to generate problems and concentrations in this forum. stay within the rules and everything will be fine.

the best wishes for you, good afternoon see you later.

I do not want to continue since we would be incurring in being out of topic. and we must be respectful of the issues as indicated by the forum rules.


Smiley face makes it worse :smiley:
I was so salty…


Ouch! You’re about to get your ass handed to you.






lol, you fought PB…


How can you be salty toward this sweet, pinky, licorny dude.


Finally. That salty Bastard needed a calling out


Flattery wont get you anywhere, and don’t be getting all soft on me :rofl:


Losing too much make me become too salty :v


Emmalina… know them?

Just called me “gAy”

so yeah… that’s a contribution to this thread…uhh… as you were