Dear Salty People: The Thread


I thought Winzy was one of those multigender-nogenderonsundays type the *gen z created…


It’s Saturday for me.


I ain’t no millennial

Apparently I’m Gen Z


Thanks. Has been adjusted


I’ll add my contribution to the thread. I am rank 12 to 9, depending on who I get matched up against. These ranks have a lot of smurfs, a lot of mid-level players (like me) and a few random minnows. From the smurfs I have gotten lots of “noob” “git gud” “pathetic” and memorably “the negroid destroyer, lel”. Oh, and “did you destroy your mom last night?”. Thought that was very mature. Most players my level use the chatbar commands, gg, hello, so boring, etc. And I have gotten hacker SOOOO many times from the little guys who fight me, lol. I mostly just use the chatbar commands myself, unless I come up with a really good one. “Hasta la vista, baby,” before I ultrakilled somebody with my magma was my favorite, mwahahahahaha


If you have a magma you shouldn’t be in rank 12

If I have a Mercy and Claw then WHY AM I STILL RANK 10


Trust me, I belong in rank 12, lol. My second is even worse.


They seem pretty solid. I don’t know much about heat mechs, so I can’t give you any help :confused:


Don t mind him, he is like that with everyone which beat him in arena


You don’t even need to beat him.
As soon as you have the advantage in deploy order he insults you.
Or even if he has the advantage (supposedly) and deploys his anti-energy mech against your energy mech but you still manage to drain him into energy break he will insult you, too.

He is the king of sore losers.

And his vocabulary probably consists only of insults as you never see him say anything else even if he wins…


Now that you said that… I never saw him saying anything else than insults


flaminator is trash and remove desolation if you are a boiler.
focus on modules and myth those legs before the weapons.
after hp the modules are the things that keep you alive.
300 cooling is good for a heat mech.
get up to atleast 2k hp.
if you are a heater,you dont need energy unless its a counter,so focus on heat and hp modules.
this could potentialy give you a rank boost.
its embarasing for a MAGMA BLAST user to be in rank 12.
hope this helps.


english 100



Always an example of fair play and honor.

How to beat "players that call you noob all time"

you are blind! this is love :wink:


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Wait… bestplayeroftheworld called you a loser ? I am shocked (if that is joke nvm then)


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Do not hurry with the conclusions … what the flag was in this Happy Poppers ?

. It’s important to know.