Dear Salty People: The Thread


I like how some people are quiet throughout the battle, but when they’re about to win, they go heavily toxic.
Such pride lmao.


Can confirm this with Taiwan Heroes


Everysingle conversation in my school:
Person 1: You’re gay
Person 2: No u
Person 1: No w
Person 2: Uno Revserse Card
Person 1: Uno Card +4
Person 2: No U infinity
Person 1: No U infinity revserse
Person 2: Ungandan Chungus u
Person 1: Oh shet

My school is stupid


Your school is holy. Be proud you are part of such a society.


I’m salty. Can I insult anyone? I want to kill someone. Whoops, I meant someone other than m-


Words gay


let me, Are you for the extinction of humanity? Do you support this position?
I just want to make you understand that it is unnatural for all living things!
Gay is an insult to a normal person.




лопнешь деточка ))


So explain why men have the equivalent of a gspot in their backsides whilst a woman doesn’t?


KennySP always happy. :rofl: :man_facepalming:


Kenny the SP stands for salty person


Just been called “no cooling, no en gay”. Guy proceeded to quit after my first cooldown.




Too old for these references.


Taiwan hero is the name of the clan that most of these “no en gay” “no cooling gay” users reside. Super_wow, GT_101, and whoever else


Oh, i see. Nailed it, was that guy.



Thats precisely how i imagined you.


I don’t think so. Winz isn’t that old, and it’s also the opposite gender.