Dear Salty People: The Thread


It means “You have no cooling, so you’re gay”.

Has many other variants, like “no en gay” for “You have no Energy Cap/Regen, so you’re gay”, and “gay” on itself.


Play game gay

You are actively playing this game, so you are gay


Exist gay
You exist, so you are gay


Salty gay.
People who are salty are gay.
Which includes… Many people?
Oh wait.
me. I regret ever creating the “plate of salt” series thing. I swear I am not gay.


Why gay?
Why not les?


And why would calling someone “gay” be an insult? Everyone does what they want with their ass!

Get out of the cave! We live in the 21st century. And those who believe that using the word “gay” to insult is fine, I think they have a conflict with their sexuality.


Sadly, the word “gay” (as an insult) has permeated into our society, or at the very least my generation.

On an average day at my school, I can usually hear the word “gay” being tossed around.

For example:

Person 1: “Hey, do you know what I would really want?”
Person 2: “What?”
Person 3 (just interrupted the conversation): “You want a girlfriend.”
Person 1: “Eww, no. That’s gay.”

Stuff like that really annoys me…


These people are not only annoying, but hypocrites. They fail to realize that counters (if you don’t have good items) can get you much further than all-roundeds. I’ve seen Oh_My_God (Taiwan Hero Member) use “no cooling gay” on his heat mech that had 295 heat (and most likely bad cooling). I’ve seen Super_Wow use “no en gay” when he used a troll energy mech.

It’s just so pitiful how salty these people get when playing a simple flash game…


the term “gay” has lost it’s original meaning to a more popular term of “disgust”. It’s only been recently brought back into the sunlight to become more popular to mean homosexuality. Yet it still defies it’s original meaning of “happiness”.

It’s the same lines of calling someone a “bastard” but it doesn’t mean the literal term of being a bastard.

It doesn’t mean someone is literally gay or uses that in an insulting way (although many may use homosexuality as an insult) but I doubt Taiwan Hero members use it as that


I’m salty that I still don’t have a hysteria


I wouldn’t say that justifies their actions, though. By using it as a pejorative, they are plainly saying that gay = bad; homosexuality = bad. Even if they aren’t meaning gay as is homosexuality, there are still much better and wittier comebacks than “no en gay”.


Oh, definitely. They are still toxic asf

But judging from their name Taiwan Hero and from the little verbal comments they make, I think that’s all they know of the english language.


That clan Taiwan heros… A lot of members have that reply “no en/cool/heat and etc gay”… maybe that one person?


Wow look at the brains on winz_GAY lol


excuse me, taiwan hero man


I got called a “chicken” because I drained some r4 of his energy


You chicken, bwak bwak


I hate you


I love you too :kissing_heart:




And I’ve been called lucky pig by them simply because I took the right counters