Dear Salty People: The Thread


So, he/she only win using counters? :thinking:
(Serious question)


dunno, only versed that rank 4 guy a couple times


Super wow is really noob shit annoying player
And he never know no energy can also kill many top player such canopy


A quit is disrespectful . At the very least now say nice win and quit . Even just a bow. That shows some respect . I understand quitting if you know you lost just bow. Not that hard .


lol i let my weapons do the talkin when it comes to super_wow


No weapon gey …



what, urmajesty, a song u love?

моя любимая:


Noted. I sent message.


So you have to get permission to quit in top ranks? Smh


YES SALTY AM HERE NOW (yup, I admit it)


This Jesper kid is quite salty too. God if he is talking.


O no… He’s a good friend of a good friend of mine


Sadly. Not too bad words, but the excuses… god.


elaboration would be dandy


Funny …

Demo 666 started (first time he did) to try to trash talk me during battle …

about my success …

All I have to say about …




Why would you… are you… WHY WOULD YOU AWAKEN A MOD


wait marja is a mod?
i never knew that so dont yell at me
nevah mind i never did that


That’s a lot of shiny things!


What does “cooling no en gay” even mean?


I wonder the same thing, because they also told me yesterday … and it was not this usual player, it was another.

It must be some kind of spell …Just in case, you have to answer “I wish you double everything”