Dear Salty People: The Thread




This thread went quite off topic, deleted some very inappropriate posts and now opening it again.
Please stay on topic.


there is still something left after cleaning ?

yes … I see a song Elvis Presley


Sorry I really love that song :sweat_smile:
Nothing to do with post, just loving the song xD


Kenny SP really likes me … Keeps asking me to suck his ----/// censored word . It’s a game folks… Relax


Well … we’re old for that …


I changed it to spam. Is there a further reason why it should be on topic anymore?


Could’ve let it die :man_shrugging:


Winz Kay, I messaged you in pm.


I still don’t understand why it became off topic :smiley:


This salty f–k is a disgrace to Reign. That’s the problem with top clans . You have to tolerate these a holes to win medals. Thanks for the free points every time you fight se77en .


I wI’ll continue to shame this player until Reign does something . We will see what type of clan they are .


Nice @Shabbadoo52 se77en
Just continue to do that,what a shame for regin


Should I post all the times you quit ? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Tread lightly Blackman. This is a game . Disrespect is unwarranted and uncalled for in any form .


I am fine what did you say that
But why do you think quit is salty?!?
Also if you say that,that mean you never know why some player will quit very soon
And did you quit any battle before?


I just seen this topic ,I don’t speak English as main language btw
Can someone tell me what mean “superwow” when said no en gay?
no energy?




lol I had a screenshot of this guy since 22 December and I just noticed searching in my gallery :sweat_smile: (11 days later :eyes::eyes::eyes:)

It’s just a game ,yeah I got annoyed but there’s no reason to be"salty" xD
I just don’t care lol


Yeah, he’s like that. He also has a “no energy” mech as well.