Dear Salty People: The Thread





When I tried to stop him, he got mad.


Lets get down the pit and let battles cleanse our senses.

Also that Oban 12y/o might help.


let’s not forget that RAMBO isnt Cadbunny…that would be horrible
merry christmas


he’s in the israeli army now I think. if TS were true patriots they’d give him free tokens ;p


Not ment as the former Rambo from llyl, Cadbunny changed his name to Rambo, or you ment something else :interrobang:



no u are absolutly right…i’ve got it wrong cause it was spelled with capitals…my bad


Well I do not like the uro guy


Everybody does the invite shet. Just Michelle does it better. I still have no clue why people bother with that.


hehehe i find it funny on how many pics are about besty being salty :smile:


Do you always go to the wiki when you have doubts about something? Do you learn on the wiki? lol … among my friends, no one can think of mentioning the wiki as a reference unless he wants to become the clown of the group.

When you have doubts, consult a professional, don´t mention the wiki, anyone can write on the wiki…! The wiki is very often wrong and when it says something that is true, are very partial truths that don´t analyze the broad spectrum of circumstances.


who are you talking to ?


With the first person that mentioned the wiki as a reference source.


then maybe i was the only one …
I got a different opinion about Wiki, (i was a donator), but i respect your opinion !
Do you think that was necessary to consult a professional to knows the meaning of the word “stalking” ? really funny thinkin!


In general, any study on a university site is a good source of reference on the internet. So is … but the wiki … xD! In the wiki, anyone can write and comment on a topic, even if they haven´t credentials that enable them to do so.


I know that ! But is good source for simple definitions like a word meaning … certanly i dont use wiki for study or to make my research. Im in and also i use often google.scholar.
Look, you’re not talking to a kid, huh ?! You have a man of science in front of you :wink:!
I was forgetting … sci-hub , the most important for me !


Yes - I find it funny two …

  • 1st I am only, if they deserve it, means when they started this nonsense

  • 2nd seems they like me that much, that they feel the need to collect everything about me

I like that a lot, seems I must be pretty importent to them, I am sure certain players have put some screenshots on their walls beside their bed :exclamation:

Always in their mind :exclamation:

I like getting so much :sparkling_heart:



everyone knows that nothing true or accurate can ever be on wikipedia ever.

even true things once published on wikipedia become false.

because muh everone can post tho.

I’m pretty sure an independent fact checking service found wikipedia to be over 90% accurate or something which is as good as most intellectual tier books.