Dear Salty People: The Thread


What a turn of events…didnt see that coming lol


Have you seen, Paul? You should never give anything for know…


“bad blood” as people say here … as the Russians say “make bad blood” (worry too much)??


I don’t understand why it’s so HardToKill the salt from these people…I’m only a little lost as to why there’s so much toxicity in the top players eek.

why can’t we become one like the USSR, and make friends, comrades?



Get tf out.


Well, I don´t make wine in a regular way … I only make some few bottles for personal consumption and to invite friends. I also cook very well … and I have other skills that have been very useful to me.


But I like watching though.
if I broke your trust then I’m sorry, but maybe we can reforge this trust, and reign over the forum-


Dammit Rikka


I’ll be here all league long baby



Another love story at hand?


Interesting marketing move for Hаlloweуn Although something similar was already.

“spoil the blood” is an expression as and “bad blood”.

Here there is near @Miron_Mironovich - he will teach you, as to do b̶a̶d̶

good and strong drinks. :crazy_face:


Somehow this went from salt to an adult film in the making … The line between anger and passion is truly razor thin


don’t be jealous :laughing:

and we’re talking about booze only


Thank you Wep. I’m never upset when posting on forum. Slightly amused though.:grin: See many possible personality disorders here. :face_with_monocle:


Negative, sir. Only pointing out irony in spam invitations and lack of conviction to follow through and battle.


did you write me something?


Well, it´s true that internet is full of crazy people. But it´s also true that anonymity stimulates certain irrational behaviors and attracts people who only seek to annoy. It happens on social networks, that you can see more characteristics of people, then … imagine how it can happen in a game that you do not even see the face of who is on the other side of the screen! As my mom used to say … you interact with people who you don´t even know what mother gave birth to them!


I don’t have pictures (since this was a while back.)
I was in a PM with some other guy. He challenged me to a battle, but I ignored him because his rank was 16. I was around rank 7 or 6.

Then he starts spamming me 1v1 invites in chat, making trash comments like “you’re scared to fight me aren’t you?” and “fight me, you weak trash” and crap like that.
(I know I could have just muted him but I forgot there was a mute feature. I’m dumb.)

So I fight him and beat him with about 2000 hp remaining.
(edit) some of my post was deleted adding more:

So. I ignored the PM after that. Then he asks me to fight him again. I beat him a second time, then he starts spouting crap like “I could’ve won. You’re so trash.” And starts saying some “bad words” (I am assuming because it was censored if I remember.) I logged off after that.

Not sure if this is much of a “salt” thing, but it was definitely annoying for me.


i thought that you were 11.11 ingame.


Can I post salty people on the forums too?