Dear Salty People: The Thread


De ja vu is that you were the loser again. Probably a big accomplishment for quad 1. That’s low sodium salt at best… I would question my sanity from the De Ja Vu from beating you … That’s salt


um ok?first i will ask you to let 11 in peace since he is a nice person with a better strategy than you,since you (like most of top players) are basing your wins on item superiority XD soo you are not better than anyone,you just paid more,i don t think that telling that he saw that before he is “salty” manage your own salty clan mates like sabotage,ask community if you don t believe me

you sound like best players,but with out all those emojis XD

i m not salty i m just telling the truth in a direct way(if you take it as an insult,that s your problem) i m just sick of players which base all their strategy on items telling me about "strategy " XD


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and you are trying to ignore that roasting her?
don t get me wrong,i m not on her side,i don t like her ways,but roasting her you won t prove anything more than that you are not better with anything

for me you 2 are almost the same(you don t have so many emojis in your posts,but that s another story)


So far I have had a good relationship with 11.11. Maybe I even think that we even talked privately about issues that worried us in common. I have had a better relationship with 11.11 than with you, since you were expelled from Lyll, it seems that you have not been able to get rid of the anger against all any Lyll player.

Therefore, the attitude of 11.11 draws my attention. Or someone who is not him, was driving his account or it may have been a small slip.

Anyway, Trafalgar, you really you are out of place on this. Your opinion is totally biased if you don´t know the facts.


awww…that means i don t have the minimal number of single ranking medals for taking part in this conversation?


Dejavu (.déjà vu - seen already) is a mental state where a person feels that he was once in such a situation, but this feeling does not bind to a certain moment in the past, but belongs to the “past in general”…
you really think that he wanted to somehow offend you ? … I think it’s an exaggeration because I know this person very well.


that s what i m saying,he is a nice person,i had like over 200-300 fights with him XD and each one was ok


I know exactly what “deja vu” means. Many words or words are not really offensive or don´t intend to be, depending on the context, or the time and place where you say it.

If you win 2 times a battle to the same opponent (1 opponent that until now you could never win) and before killing it, you say “deja vu”, to me it is at least obvious that is an irony, a sarcasm, a mockery in short .

Recently a player (I dont remember who) also won me a battle and he repeated me approx. 5 times “well played”, that´s a mockery too.


nope that s you getting frustrated,what if that “person” had lag or idk
weppy i know certain players which curse like hell when i beat them XD and i don t give a crap XD and you are frustrated cause that player pressed well played 5 times ?


Thats absolutely wtf :joy:
Come on Wep


Dear Nancy, it was me and the term “deja vu” used by analogy with the previous fight - the situation developed similarly. So I tried to end it differently. I understand that in a series of your fights I am absolutely imperceptible, but for me fight with you - quite to myself an event and, damn it, while I am not brought by memory.


Well … (and with this I end the chapter), I also consider 11.11 a respectful player (much better player and more respectful than you). And I also played against him many times and it’s the first time this happens.

I just hope that 11.11 read this. That’s it. And that doesn´t happen again.


Dear god mate. Killed me :joy:


or what?you will start a witch hunt cause he used an expression ?
come on just chill out


:+1: человечище …
in translation - a great man


I will try to keep the chat closed. It seems that I am very sensitive lately. So eyes that don´t see, heart that doesn´t feel. A hug. gg


lol … Gorgon is right … that sounded romantic !!!

I want you to know, now, in front of all these people, that you have never been indifferent to me. And although I’m a bit old for you (I think) if you and I lived closer maybe I would invite you to dinner at my house. (Said is …) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_imp:




I know. :kissing_heart:

Try switching from Cyrillic to Latin when the fonts are Syndarin. :upside_down_face:
Chill… I’m lucky that I not freezed at all. :wink:

By the way, Nancy, this explains some delay in the message in a battle-the moment was lost and the meaning is distorted. :woozy_face:

2Мироныч, прост не все смотрели тот самый фильм.


Of course not indifferent, I did not hide it. :sunglasses:
Lawyer-seawomen engaged in winemaking…
Mysterious and arousing interest and curiosity.

By the way, that bottle on your avic - I something do not know what is this. :thinking: